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it puff
Eaten by the monster of love
I hate to gripe, but I just ain't the type

(Don't let it get me, don't let it get me, etc.)

I know some
Cut ties
Don't sit right
Up here
Up here
Up here
Up here, up here, up here
the middleman out of his residence.
But you're still hesitant to fight for your rights
Twelve-ounce curls, then you fuss and you gripe.
You say, "Why vote?"
And it?s amateur day on the old super slab

The kids are strapped down like a half load of pipe

All safe in their car seats they fuss and they gripe

his charm and I fold at his feet
A practiced lie in an honest way
If I was born into the arms of his ill
He'd grip me and gripe in an old-fashioned
And yell Play that Rock n' Roll 
Play that rock n' roll 

To all the pussies gripe all the time 
And all the dicks are so mean 
The connoisseurs of quality
como siempre hizo «la tieta». 

Y un día se ha de morir, más o menos como todos. 
Se la llevará una gripe al agujero profundo. 

Entonces ya habrá
Things I try don't work out
Other people gripe and shout
That's not positive
I'm not perfect, I'm just Civ

Trial and error good intentions!
say you want to win but you know the price
Ain't do this overnight
Have a little chick that was known to gripe
Early in the morn I was on the flight
billón flow Dr. Dre

Yo soy nivel Dio'
Anuel se quedó preso, yo soy un fuckin' robo' (fuckin robo')
El dinero me enfermó
Yo no tengo gripe, cabrón, yo
Eg vet at vi vokste tett sammen
Og at du forstod
At eg kan være svak
Og at du kunne gripe tak

Dette e en sang til lillebror
Om du e liten e eg stor
But I can't say nothing
The accusations you gripe and you complain
You always mad about something

You'd be wilding out if you knew I had packed my
your time but ruin mine to feel but not become
Exit life and future gripe existing in a ball
A bargain life the darkest times can change but never show
be the housekeeper with a gripe
Then I heard your voice, and it simply soothed me
Sayin' honey did you sleep all right
Are you calling to say you
-Another fine music lyric file by:
Adrian M. Brush aka "Dementia"
All complaints, bitching, and gripes in general to:
a mic in my brain
Has a lot of good advice to retain
What's not to like about the guy who had Christ slain?
I don't have the right to gripe
how you have it, I be crashin' your sight
As a treat, I'll eat all beef and gripes
Toss up you niggas tryin' to peel my stripes
Killas don't fright
be embarrassed to know the price (Wasn't much)
The bag was light, the rags was still tied tight
There was no particular gripe, I seent a dark
Me ha costado llevar todo esto a la vez complicado, joder
No ser un vendido pa' vender
Y que así mi apellido vea otro amanecer

Perder la
gata, meu cachorro e eu

Banho de rio
No frio cura uma gripe
Descalso na grama
Na lama, ou quicando num jipe

Na montanha, na manha, na trilha
fusionado con Gotrón
Tu tigeron vamo' a casarno', contigo me siento bacano
Cuando me da gripe ella me cuida bacano

Amor en abundancia, con mucha
Conmigo ellos están en para 
Yo no envidio lo de nadie 
Porque dicen que eso azara 
Tenemos, tenemos todo, gente con todo 
Jarabe y gripe para la tos
Vai passar
Como passou a espanhola
Gripe suína, a peste, o ebola
E passará o que mais vier

Vai passar
Como passou o HIV
Stalin, Hitler,
a gripe suína
Os gambé quer mas não pode me pôr algema, 
'Cês esperava que eu roubasse tudo, menos a cena!

Já é hora do jogo virar a nosso favor, né?

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