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Fear is the mind killer, fear will infest
Gratify the nihilist, begin brain arrest

Nervebomb - emaciated nervous tract
Nervebomb - to this
The Very Essence

He Shall Arise
And Gratify Thee
He Shall Devise
A Scheme Of Enlightenment
He Shall Retain
His Strength Beside Him
He Shall Sustain
at my butt
No I'm not a slut but I'll fuck you in the bathroom
Just gratify my image
In a no end lovers scrimmage
Of a party flower in bloom
Hey party
Let's gratify your inmost desires
Click it on that's all you must do
And right on your screen there's porno queens,
All the rest you're dreamed of,
I'm licking my scratches

It serves no purpose
Doesn't gratify
And you're dissatisfied
And though you're belly's full 

There's always more room
of ecstacy
Read: Sugar and strychnine
Surging forward
Urging persistence
To the pineapple
Of our existence
We satisfy and gratify
Our senses
Fraid we're made
apart form YOU just creates more grief.
These leaves become dry, we cry, and drop with the
I've tried to gratify my senses, but what have I
To rid the wreckage inside the brain
There's no care anymore
The judging hour's come
To put us all in place and
Trade that fire to gratify
A penance
to gratify
Fire kindled, without fuel
To wane away, perish awry
Remnants of ash shall purify
Shame and doubt, cloud our minds
Yet depraved remain our hearts
Self gratify
Just feed the slaves
With your Bigotry

Thump on a book with your answers
Outcast the different man
You're so, Hollow
Inject the poison
more attractive
To guys if you're stupid

Do better and stop
I know it's hard but try
Don't instantly gratify
My god, girl he's just a guy
describe how I feel
They say I got it all
But I ain't really satisfied, pockets could be fatter, got desires I ain't gratify
I got it all
Yeah I climbed
Spelled by hypnotic trances
I dance through eternal flames

My beloved one I taste you
As i gratify my thirst and touch your dead skin
Oh darkest one
psyche, washed away and eroded
I pick at each scar and remember each name
Your faces I remember
Gratify me with the dogs now

The respect of the corner
can't always do it by yourself
No, no, no, no, no, no
Quick mix like Bisquick
Hot flame then shit flip
Gratify on instant
See I magnify
I don't miss shit
drip from life to gratify, why?
Onlooking innocent silence, naked mental violence,
Forced to kneel in the gutter, displeasure confined to a room,
Lifeless and still, but you're hot and tasty
Soaking you in a pool of black
Where is your soul and your dead comrades

Gratify our hunger, is what
Wanna get the full devotion 'cause it's taking you higher
Wanna get the most of all to gratify your desire
Wanna get the most admiration,
Near the sin and shine to see 
Saturate the wrath with greed 
Gratify the urge to bleed 

Blame god 
Blessed shall suffer 

Shed the flesh in
so essential
Physically present inna multi-dimensions
Excel yuh mind no limitation
Gratify aim high, ghetto youths go beyond
With telepathic
eleven generations will bring gift to your children every every of
them will be gratify of a sharpened toy from the father.
After pest and famine will let
I dance through eternal flames

My beloved one I taste you
As i gratify my thirst and touch your dead skin
Oh darkest one receive my offerings
don't want to be forced to laugh just to gratify you
I want to startle in a harmonious discretion
To dance in the funereal garden of roses, to deny
Disenchanted love and an intimacy that's broken
The symbol of all trust, used to self-gratify
In the middle of it all Solomon is singing
You are my

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