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Gradient of Disorder  


Now I ain’t shoutin’ I’m just super Saiyan
No longer doubtin’ I ain’t playin’ with the time I got left
Evaluate and take a step
Stochastic gradient
smoke on the water 
Goddamn what a wonderful time 
Yea that night was such a beautiful vibe 
With the stars and the gradient sky 
It was more than
you know you the shadiest
Takin' the paper with
Shade with a pencil and now you got gradients
Stupid ole therapist
Blarin' this, carin' nope, don't get
helicopter blades
A slippery slope?,then we slide right through the gradient
A Bright and shining star, both  illumines and radiant
And all of your detractors,
the shine with some SPF 99 in your cranium
Extra terrestial you're still a homosapien
Against the grain, nah see I go against the gradient
My real name is
Just leave me behind
Like glitter in the wind
By the roadside

Calculate my gradients
Measuring the doubts that undulate
As you fluctuate 

The holy bells were calling me
Decided to answer
The ten percent gradient
Step by step
My head was down
As I walked to entrapment
Now half way
Metamorphosis with color gradient skull

The demons have reached me in my house
My platinum skin reveals burns
The stories said I was invincible
Miserable but
city was sleeping
And beneath this beautiful moon
Which was just pouring down 
In this gradient of light
And I felt so alive
And um
Thats how I'm feeling
in Devizes 
To Lydeway in Urchfont
The gradient on the existing road
Turnpiked under the first Wiltshite Turnpike act of 1707
For the Devizes to Upavon
I can go from light to dark, gradient
I pull shawty's in a ten mile radius
I got friends up north shout out to the Canadians
I was made right with
Woke mediocrity
Fade into obscurity
But a fade is a 2 side
Woke up feeling dead
Feel like I'm misread
But no one reads this stupid book
Surfacing from the hypnotic deep sleep
Returning to my gradient course to
Forever effect all our
Perceptions and emotions

Certainly, I know all of the total
me trippin 
My body prosthetic 
Feeling diabetic 
Losing time in the present 
My mind float into gradient 
Never had a Tesla 
But bitch I'm winnin
face's pink and white gradient
We can run away
We can meet Bigfoot
We can tell hm about all our dreams
We can tell him about what we want to be that we've
I'm dangerous, That's Titanium
"Eat my Shit", that's Octavian
Faded into the game, call me gradient
This a real bad bitch theme song song
You say i'm up
It's Lila, African Australian
People think I'm alien
My plays a gradient
My beats radient
Here to stir the pot
Or even toke pot
In ma smoke spot
it may cure your hearts deficit
Make ya love great again
Not black or white it's a gradient
Accept it all of just fade again

I can feel my soul
How these things linger on 
Tearing through gradients 
Red to blue 
Wishing you had never met me 
wishing you had eyes to see 
Rootuval evil rippin
So cool in your moonlight
Damn I like it

Let's see where it goes, a fire burns
Illuminated nights, oh oh
Dawn carries a light, gradient skies
Nobody should be like this
Nobody should care
'Cause race is a gradient space

Oh, whats up?
What do you think about that?
I believe that you
Should never
Talking bout gradients 
Drinking ingredients
Getting so fucked I'm losing my mind
Getting so fucked, yeah still on my grind
Cutting off fakes w a passion
a high gradient?

well, im not arguing
if it is worth the fight
this business is still pending
just dunno if its right
But have i done the patent?
is it me
and it grew a lotta leaves
And the leaves grow green, proceed in a gradient
But in the Boston Autumn they had never looked so radient

There was a lady

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