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lost so far away,
Storm with hail fire raging, sun shines down as they kneel,
Lost in times and long forgotten, governing miles away.

Tears fall
been said

Or take god as a covering guard
When I do not believe
In the grace of a governing god
Who can see us in need

O don't be shy
O don't
scars arranged all
over you
I'm governing my needs
I hear an ego bleeding
resounding hints of false
I'm in progression while
And the reasons why:
One thousand starving nations from U.S. intervention,
And your pathetic lies.

You are the governing power...
Your ethics get weaker as you
currently you're spelling "our lives"
Without the "are-you-L-E-S" and the "V-O-I"
O-I, O-I, O-I, O-I, O-I

Different rules governing our value
the cancer shields it shape from your eyes 
Otherworldly motives governing our world with their intentions misaligned 
If you want to leave Earth so badly then
"Anti-globalization campaigners...turned away by police "


"The governing elite..."
"Exiled opposition groups..."
"Weakened government.. symptom
ever been that close to California
And we all want to go
She's a portrait, and I want to see her canvas full of
Yellowing shies, governing my skin
Quintessential beings from another realm
Timeless masters of life and death

Governing the laws of the universe
As above, so below
Logos resonating in the mind
version of Robin Leech
Capitalizing off other niggas beats
He smashing the game, he governing the streets
And will he break him up long or break him
the guidelines.
Laws governing existence.
Which mankind dismissed without care.

The deadlines expired - crush them.
With their own evils!

and hollow
Their governing master
To their hip is plastered
Say protect and serve us
But murder's not service

Now i don't care what I've been told
complete the mighty hate machine
Left wingers, right wingers, all up in ya, trying to keep their hidden agenda
In God We trust our governing body, to you
Depends on how it's defined
Replace your eyes
Offering too many lies
But time's a healer
Don't react
Just call it fate
The governing few
known to man:
The governing hand

Don't let me die, don't let it crush me inside
I only trust what these eyes can see
Son just open up your eyes
shallow breaths
So I shut you down; there's nothing left
Why are all the saints sick of governing
the knowledge that we're insane?
Dear body, come

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