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the modern age

Things are never too wrong to right
Things are never too wrong to right
Never too wrong to right

Glimpsed the possibility
of wasted days
Trapped in a frivolous maze
We've reached an apex
Judgement nigh
Ominous omens and portents
Can be glimpsed on high
The last ship sailed
we be
Like a magnet with the other who I am what we be
In tune with the world and we know about life
And we glimpsed the future good so good, we take
"Promised Land" recede

I saw the paint chipping off behind your eyes
You started to look at your friends like they were spies
We glimpsed your hidden face
still of frail refuge? 
Those invigorating morning Rays, 
The Heaven's grant alike to all, 
Which we have glimpsed not all these days. Descend to free us
met me, yeah
I don't wanna waste no time
I just wanna make you mine

Baby girl you're even more beautiful in person
When I first glimpsed at them
to the edge
She glimpsed the ending from her perch upon the ledge

Apille's blooming where she was planted
And her world it seems so slanted
She was bright but
to the edge
She glimpsed the ending from her perch upon the ledge

Apille's blooming where she was planted
And her world it seems so slanted
She was bright but
The brightest fireworks my eyes glimpsed were on July 6th
And I never looked away
Because my breath at first sight was the only thing you took away
and duality intertwined, a mystery
Darkness or coherent light
On the other side of consciousness

The few that wake up from their deep sleep have not glimpsed
of living
Glistening between the screams
Glimpsed between the gears of a machine
And I could show you
But you'd have to make yourself believe
as a gem
In whose gleaming facets I glimpsed 
The sun of a summer
I had never seen

"Wherefore flower thou here? 
The hour grows late
Frost fast caresses
I glimpsed across the bonnet a helmet and a flicking bob together drawn into a keen embrace
She could not feel a face
She hugged a plastic fishbowl
glimpsed, for an instant
The playfulness of life
The last few weeks
I have been cleansing myself
And it's been a rebirth for myself
It's like a cleansing
I have glimpsed it beside a grave
As the earth falls from my hand
I have heard it in a mourner’s wail
I don’t pretend I understand
I have seen it in
gnash of canine; sigils of the new cult
And in that glimmer I had glimpsed the fragments of a replica
Gliding towards the most lush coloring to tint our
a lil' different 
And you searching but you missing 
Heard some words and I ain't glimpsed 'em
We ain't goin' back and forth it's gonna hurt a lil'
he's the only thing I've glimpsed that could
Truly make me whole, truly make me whole

But this is my idol
This is my idol
This is my idol
This is my
I was working a shift when 
I glimpsed some nice hips 
Dark chocolate educated in my mind in who is this 
Figured she had a man 
If so I understand
because of who You are
My inner child he leaps for joy
At only what he's glimpsed of You so far
I'm excited for the journey
'Cause Your very nature stirs me
of the beast
I've done things that are not like me in the least
They have been even in bad times
Fragments of eden things were gold
Glimpsed never forgotten even
you like crows or urgent flies

he cries 

and e'er the oftener the worse shall they become!


Due west I faintly glimpsed a long dark line
Lay bloody in chains
At the end of his reign
When the wicked king
Glimpsed the coming queen

She was crossing the sky
In his fever dream
Gown was
There's another twist of fate and 
You disappear into the night, disappear into the night
I thought I saw you in the store, I thought I glimpsed you through

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