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Just be proof, do, and exist
Go to college 
Respect your mother
Look out for your little sister
Respect no one except yourself
Treat all others how you
And I'll still be the greatest if this rap shit fail me
Back to jackin' bootleg flicks from out the deli
Livin' off the interest
Sippin' on Tequila with
And I'll still be the greatest if this rap s*** fail me
Back to jackin bootleg flicks from out the deli
Livin off the interest
Sippin on Tequila with my
my man

Peoples get themselves caught up, and then shot up
Bucked to the head for all the shit they done brought up
Nahmean? Check it out
All why'all niggas on X, why'all keep why'all asses in the back
Aight? Straight up, in fact, matter of fact
We gon' mingle this shit
Fred Durst to desire
He's checking out the cast of "Lizzie McGuire"
Soon Fred will try to get Mandy Moore
To open for him and I don't mean on tour
while I easin up, double park
Throw the blinkers on, jump out, God bless her heart
Lookin like a tourist with the duffel and camera
Throw the bags in
was hard at work 
Sorry ma, know it was hard and my pops was a jerk 
She packed her shit and got us out of there before it got worse 
Moved the fam
mixed together with a pinch of they sensual side that gets me energized 
Fly and confidant, respected and highly dominant 
Got me on the rise
Dark child
Yes yelling to the lite beat and
It's be-dub and tiffany and
We are in the place to be and
We came in to move your feet and
Get things
of got my mind spinning
Yeah, this that blood, sweat and tears
Picking out your enemies, sifting through your peers
See everything high-def, so it's
and goons riding by
But be easy with your mouth ?cause you don't know nothin? ?bout
The life that gets lived, the struggles to deal with
It?s hard some days,
We started out as friends
Now we friends with benefits
When the freaking began
That's the end of the innocence
Speaking ol' innocence, baby I can
Cause tonight we going in
Like tomorrow's gon' be New Years Day

In the lab, seven days a week
Trying to freak that beat
But not tonight we goin' out
fade sleep 
Jay-Z, king of the one nights 
I can't stay forever, love, I get it done right [Always hook you up] 
And I shall return to sweat out your

Everybody get your wig on the floor, wig on the floor
(Bend it over, put your)
Wig on the floor, wig on the floor
(Bend it over, put your)
Christians get your facts right
Cause Christ was not his name
That's Greek for "One who is anointed"
Yoshua Ben Yosef was his name, do Christians
Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon:
Where'd you get that word?

What you has got

Sister owl-gonkwin-jane cow-hoon:
Appropriot? the word is not!
important thing in my life
Mad, I remember when you battled to get into RSC
The first Swollen Members logo screened on the TV
A tour in Europe
Almost broke up
6 minutes, Dungeon Family you're on

Fine lil' mama, my home gon' be a palace
Laid out like a salad, keep a nigga from malace
I'm movin' things
knows if you snooze you lose
I'm just tryin to figure out if you heard the news
Livin your life is at an all-time high
Don't know why but I think I want
She said come here, 'cause I know you want to put it on me
And it's time to get fucked up, she said we spendin' all the Henny on me
Shut up shake
it all (speak the word)
Just get in that book and let Jesus talk (speak the word)
Let the word fill you, let the word heal you (speak the word)
nothin' into somethin', now I'm livin'
You neglected me, you know you shouldn't have did that
They was countin' me out, you know you shouldn't have did

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