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Y'all know that I'm flyer than a maggot shit
Hotter than a pile of burnin' MAGA hats with flags in it Confederate
Generally if you think you're better
feelings inappropriate, well, more or less
I hum and I haw and I generally beat 'round the bush
But I would fall backwards through space at the tiniest push
would die 
Of people from school that are generally high 
And mocking the bi 
They don't really care
They don't really try 
You tell 'em you're sad 
being responsible, being kind, being compassionate
And what we wanna do is create a space in which 
Young men of color and young men generally
Don't have
the Alley
Some short Ali, when Hands fought
In Nai, the prime spot
There where I Generally Rhyme hot
It’s like we don’t know Peace
On the streets, it’s
minstrels allowed
I'm tired of y'all complainers
We dukin' it out

Like them boys straight outta hazard
'Cause generally I'm spazzin'
White girls my
Freedom generally is having the ability to act or change without constraint
In society many people think they are free
That’s a false thought
You got
tired of the fakes hold on
Hypocritical energy that’s a hell of a con
I wish there’d be more genuine gestures out here
Generally that's the mission, but
For every false step and stupid mistake

And I am fresh faced and effervescent
Generally anxious and major depressive
Still fighting cynicism,
Got the privilege
And life is sublime
Eating in fresh food cafes
And sip fine wine
Recycling's supreme
Composted and clean
Generally speaking dear
Renda thoda hot Akh meri laal 
Nishana jive sniper da dot 
Kill confirmed 
Lyric game lendi 
Main ni bolan ethe bolle 
Teri maut 
one to attack
At least mobilize the ones that react 
That continue to push us forward from where we at
You see, generally
I want you all regardless
Generally, I do pretty well for myself
But, more than anything or anyone, I hate this feeling of being powerless

Well, I guess I'll have to make a difference
life, I'm the guy to make it happen
When it's crunch time you better hunt for the captain
We catch wind of a job for a couple mills, generally
and just generally no good

Take all the time you need, whoah
You're like a disease
There's something that you need to know
Stay away from me
Take all
generally over achieving things
Said I'm the goat goat
I gotta to switch it up by getting them to believe in things
Let me drive the boat boat, you don't know
are to be removed from the SCPs containment cell and incinerated
While it is generally cooperative, outbursts or sudden changes in behavior are to be
entity ain't heavenly
But generally and jealously committing acts of devilry
I got blunts, syrup, pills too, take your fucking pick
Sissy motherfuckers,
very far
Telling lots of stories, drinking lots of beer; just generally carrying on
The bar keeper says won't you please go home but so far nobody's gone
can't be to direct so they won't know
Told them keep it lowkey when we on go
Generally statin' make sure that you get dough
Take down yo' foe, kick down
You in a Bently for me it can now me expressevly the type of chemistry
Generally I'm trynna take with me
Just leave me alone till my pain is gone
the T house
Chillin with a Rambo's
Anywhere the gang goes
General on the block
Hittin licks on the spot
Mandem get the drop like commandos
But generally
do this several times generally To calm my mind
I find a way at dawn or 9 at Night that's how I feel
I cannot think straight
Thoughts in
that we could take a train downtown
Stop in at our favorite little coffee shop and generally mess around
Or maybe shopping, like you always wanted just

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