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to surf and broke my knees
But I don't really care, they couldn't walk me back to you

Sometimes you win but generally, you lose

Black, I only wear
Farquhar to pop in
Looking straight gutted a bit later on
He should order a jar, talk at the bar
Ensure he looks calm, warm with the barman
And generally
begin to explain
I tantalize your senses with sentences
since it's senseless to attempt this
my plan to rise is endless
i'm generally known to be off
outside unless it's dark.
Frankenstein was frankly fine, just misunderstood.
Ghosts are generally gracious hospitable and good.
Werewolves are just hairy
Every lyric you disect
What the fuck do you expect
We're just a fucking band
Aren't we generally correct?
Rebellion's not the clothes you
of guy.i mean like you know
People who listen to this kind of music
Generally have a pair, right?
Or they have long hair
Or something. have you ever had
eyes burn blue
But these months feel like murder
(These months feel like murder)
Generally angrier, you know?
Like literally go and do something
your fuckin death sentence mind movin’ fast as a tech n9ne medley generally edgey with the pedal revvin’ up the engine
Like drunk sex this shit’s about
concept of god
Act through the Ego, ignoring all the facade

"Consent is a term that's generally used, in normal everyday parlance,
As a synonym for
shinning and grinding

This Bragging tip I don't do dis shit generally
Got yo bitch on my hip she acting  Friend-a-ly
Snatch your shit no offense you ain't
As a seeds
Then growing the flora
In which i just losing all directions
Tasting the heavy fog, so delicious


Cold mind
Freezing space
On the tops
I'm rhyming to ignore
The energies in force
The lethargy fills me
I'm cleverly killing 
My memory swilling
I'm generally willing
But reverie's

I walk along a paper trail
Journaling everything I see
Generally I'm not alone
My inner demon's with me

I think that I am better off
I think that
don't let me forget
Work hard for my check, but still livin in debt
Generally identical to previous situations
Severing the ambilical, from repeating
let it
Like roll credits
So I'm rollin up on sumn keep the peace I'm no menace
My tendencies are generally accepted

I stare at an hourglass and try
ain't worth a pillow fight
Besides there's so much inside my mind aside from beside the thots
Pussy's just a game, I'm generally thinkin outside the box
Y'all know that I'm flyer than a maggot shit
Hotter than a pile of burnin' MAGA hats with flags in it Confederate
Generally if you think you're better
feelings inappropriate, well, more or less
I hum and I haw and I generally beat 'round the bush
But I would fall backwards through space at the tiniest push
would die 
Of people from school that are generally high 
And mocking the bi 
They don't really care
They don't really try 
You tell 'em you're sad 
being responsible, being kind, being compassionate
And what we wanna do is create a space in which 
Young men of color and young men generally
Don't have
the Alley
Some short Ali, when Hands fought
In Nai, the prime spot
There where I Generally Rhyme hot
It’s like we don’t know Peace
On the streets, it’s
minstrels allowed
I'm tired of y'all complainers
We dukin' it out

Like them boys straight outta hazard
'Cause generally I'm spazzin'
White girls my
Freedom generally is having the ability to act or change without constraint
In society many people think they are free
That’s a false thought
You got
tired of the fakes hold on
Hypocritical energy that’s a hell of a con
I wish there’d be more genuine gestures out here
Generally that's the mission, but

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