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It's corrupt as fuck in this neighborhood,
It's fucked and corrupt, you think it's all good,
It's corrupt as fuck, in this neighborhood,
an animal

It's an abortion
Bodies, I'm not an animal
Mummy I'm not an animal
I'm not an animal [x3]
(fucking bloody mess)

Fuck this and fuck that
Take my life and make it worse
Pay the price for all you've done
Fuck the system, fuck this curse

Warrant out for your arrest
Guilty tile
the worst on this shit
Pump mark go first on this shit
Let's hear him talk like a dirt on this shit

Fuck ass bitch nigga pussy, ho ho
Punta Marico Clerra
Things don't look too good to me.
I feel I'm out of luck
And all because of swollen glands
And just one stupid fuck.
This wacko came from Alabama
happens all the time
This happens every day
But I never seem to quit
The wolves never stay at bay

I hate to say I told you so, but fuck it, I told you
no one and fight this world alone 
And I, well, I'm the one to live with my mistakes. 
To fight this world, so fuck this world. 
I owe it to myself
Oh fuck this is fun I just can't believe I didn't find this before
To just indulge even if it kills me
Who gives a fuck if we die
Another bottle
A solo revolution
Into the light

Fuck all this madness and put it aside
Out of the shadows, into the light
Free me from myself
Shot down my mind
Government corruption
Human extinction
It keeps us oppressed
It fucks us over
This state fucking sucks
Now it's time to fight
Let's come together now
lied all the time
My life and in my time
You walk black lines

Hey don't I need this
Hey don't I need this

Alright you MuthaFuckaz
You ready for this?
Is your joints lit and shit?
Because you gotta be high to listen to this shit you know?
Fuck that fuck
Waiting for the end of the world, stop
We know just what to do
Sit in the back, ready to rat
Fuck this, fuck that, and fuck you too
Fuck you, fuck you, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccck yooooooooou  
(repeats throughout the song)

By this time I see y'all I say
a pretty picture
How I wish, more of this were drew

But you, you're in London
And you, you're still in love

Fuck this, I'm a go out walking
it stay Darth Vader
And I been telling all y'all this
So y'all gon' act like I'm not big
Like how the fuck I get this far?
How the fuck I drive
your friends
How you never want none me

You're tryna tell me sexism doesn't exist?
If it doesn' exist, then what the fuck is this?
How many boys
Your sore eyes

Dragging me down
Before my eyes
Fuck this dream
It's not reality

Knives cut through fist and faces
Only one victim next
you’re out, get it now, you stupid fuck. 
This is not your game, because anything goes. 

Anything Goes – get it now 
Anything Goes in this game,
the windows up
Now we're breathin' deeply, breathin' deeply

And there's a fume
In this truck
And I don't know if we're dead, or what the fuck
a curse?

Fuck Armageddon, this is hell
We're living in the denouement of the battle's gripping awe,
So what's the use of being good to satisfy them all?
have I done 
Keep the dog at bay 
Survive by saving me! 
Values and the game 

Not a fuck up   
Not a part of your lie 

I am one  I am all
You know that I play this better than you

Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you, too
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you, too

Do you really think that I
pride to let this one slide
And to try and go and fuck this up

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