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Aye, OK (huh)
Yuh, aye, aye
Huh, huh, huh, huh

I fuck this bitch, OK
Nut on her lip, OK
I got
I'll paint this town red, with your murder.
This will be worth all my waiting.
Waiting for your lies, better off with out you.
Fuck I thought
Fuck this bull shit spit flat beer back
Rock star dumb luck sick joke clap trap
Damn thin shoe lace yank spit jerk snap
Bomb kike scam bank tear
dirt and blood from our hands,
Mass self destruction, your means to an end

Hate fuck this revolting world, hate fuck
Hate fuck this revolting world,
to me that I need you

Fuck this world
And fuck this place

I never asked for this
I never wanted this
I never asked for you
I never wanted you
Tonight I was walkin in the street
They took my phone and money 
Now all I have is this beat 
You can't take that from me 
Fuck this fuck that,
I'm ballin' ballin' ballin' bitch, 
don't know what else to call it, shit
All these dollars I brought with me
I fuck around spend all this shit
Mulambo chegou pra detonar essa porra!
(Mulambo it's here to fuck this shit up!) 

Third world and I'm coming with the fire 
Futebol and I'm coming with
One time, the ICP with this shit
For you and your boys to say "Fuck yeah" to
Yo, J, kick some of that shit about the wizard and all that
ain't doing nothing
About to cop a bag, get a dutch, and fuck something
This is what I'm into

Strollin to the building, collect the money, than tell
face it
I'm complacent
Fuck this comfortable
Yes I'm jaded
And its all my fault
'Cause I know what to expects so its cool
Nothing new

But I always learn
Millions of acres defaced

Fuck this flesh
Curating distress
Composing our dirge
True nature emerged

Under the sun and in plain sight
the fuck is this?
What the fuck is this?
I got a kid, should I send him to Sunday School?
I got a kid, should I send him to Sunday School?
So you can
Fuck this, I'm going dancing
Yeah I'm gonna get my fix tonight
For just a few short hours, I'll leave my worthless worries behind

Until my feet
play this better than you

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you too
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you too
Do you really think that I wouldn't say this?
You know
Control, both are on cell
Do you have what we need?
That's affirmative

Damn, the fuck
Okay, this is it
Who the fuck is callin' my cellie right now?
Fuck I can't let this kill me, let go
I need some more time to fix this

Here's a letter for you
But the words get confused
And the conversation
Oh fuck this is fun I just can't believe I didn't find this before
To just indulge even if it kills me
Who gives a fuck if we die
Another bottle
against the system
Refusing to conform or comply to the ways of authority
He chose the mood of "fuck this shit"
At that moment, the one known as Jacques
take this
I can't fuck this
I can't fake this

Digging deep inside of me
Getting past this agony
I can't seem to get away
Another day rotting in
Shut up
I'm not like you
Back off
Don't smother me
Fuck this
I see through you
Suffer me through

[Chorus: x3]
Shut up I'm not like you
Fuck this place, I lost the war
I hate you all, your mom's a whore
Where's my dog?
'Cause girls are such a drag
the discoteque
This is the time to rock
This is the time to fuck
This is the time for everyone to dance and never stop
This is the time to party
This is
of the race
Rushes in every slot
Sticking all together into a mass
I hate you!
I hate us!
You know what I mean? Fuck off!
This world stigma cries out

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