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hate hate

If you hate the world and you hate what you see,
Then say this with me, fuck everything
If you hate the world and you hate what you see,
Most regular people would say it's hard 
And any streetwise son of a bitch knows 
Don't fuck with this 

The so many times 
You practice in your
Here we go once again
Riding in our shitty van
Broken down in another town
Burning up freezing cold
Fuck this shit its time to go
Only 18 hours
and then I'm done
How the fuck did you think this would end?

A filthy prick, foul parasitic imposition
A dirty trick, a seasonal war of attrition
Fuck this place up!

You know you're right, I'm just tired
Correctando, burn our fire
Esta fuerza es me espada
Trippin' on this, no se nada
won't be fine
I'm About to break somebody off

Feel me as I'm laughing
Leaving, eating, fucking
Hating all this bullshit
Maybe I can't stand this
Hating all this bullshit
Maybe I can't stand this
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
I can't stand this

I'm about to break
And the ignorance of man

Destroy what we've been given
Dig our graves a little deeper
Fuck this world we live in
And fuck its ugly
to Bangladesh
Ain't no fuckin' body bout to hang with this
Fans get punched in the head with a bass
Drop rhyme after rhyme, headbuttin your face
Fuck off, this
Dear god, when I wake up, please can I have wings on my penis? amen

Uh yo huh yeah let's do this
Hey, yo, fuck this shit, I prayed to god but he
Fuck this place, I lost the war
I hate you all, your mom's a whore
Where's my dog?
'Cause girls are such a drag
and the towers dropping like (ya'meen)
Yeah, fuck with this (ya'meen), yeah, fuck with this (ya'meen)
If you get it popping, or get to popping 'em (ya'meen)
Fuck this and the latest fashion
No time for giving in
You can't kill what you didn't create
But then there's fun in trying it
Roll up for
a friend
They all just pretend to be
Fuck Everybody this is to all of ya'll
'cause everybody is an enemy
Trust nobody
I don't know who to call a friend
That I had to get the fuck out of this town
I got a lot of things to do
A lot of places to go
I've got a lot of good things coming my way
And I'm
Every lie
Shot back
To your throat
By our hands

A skull-fuck
For every word
You try to breathe
Don't fuck with this

Break every bone in your
I just might
Take it back to 86
You wanna lick, sike!

Don't let the TV mislead you
Me and you dude we are not equal
Fuck you this is for my
don't mind
I'm sitting and waiting and wishing for my time it's true

Ooh, back up I'm driving away
We gon' fuck up this relationship
that they been missin' me and missin' you
Get on the mic and let's show them like we used to
Well, you say fuck that, yo, Holmes, fuck this
the reason I don't wake up? Fuck this, fuck you. I am reason enough to daydream the day.

I never needed anyone. I'd even give up my health for a pretty
While y'all niggas watchin' the throne, the throne be watching me

If you fuck this up
There are so many fuckin' kids right now, listenin' to this guy
to treat people with respect. It's our culture and consumption that makes her life unbearable. Fuck this country; its angry eyes, its knee-jerk hordes. Legal
boo, when it's no love

I send her at you, I ain't eat yet it's no need to ask if I'm hungry, fuck
This music give me a nice heist, I'm fleein'
That's dumb
Why fall in love? That's dumb
I don't wanna go get lunch
I'm jus tryna fuck this dum
Dumb, dumb, that's dumb
D-U-M-B, that's dumb

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