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Dollars signs
Said fuck this shit, you know what's on my mind
Stay on your hustle, you'll be on your grind
Whip out your heart and lift it
Uhh yeah, uhh suck it
Oh fuck yeah, oh Shaggy
Uhh, this is why they call you '2 Dope', ain't it?
Uhh, fuck yeah
Uhh, take it out, take it out
Hello, this is jord from propagandhi here. uh, besides the itching of my crabs, I'd like to say subscribe to 4zzz don't take this for granted, eh.
you gonna learn today
Where the fuck have you been
The world's under new management
The new role model, fuck this Zoolander shit

Y'all gon' learn
can't keep guessin

"Freeze nigger, put your gun on the ground"
"Hey man, put yourself the fuck up!"

"Light this bitch up"
"Bust that mothafucka!"
homey fuck 'em what are ya gonna do?
Fuck that bitch fuck you
Yeah well fuck you too
Don't bother to analyze these rhymes
In this song I say fuck ninety
follow me biatch!

Nigga what, nigga who?
Nigga what, nigga who?
Switcha flow, getcha dough
Can't fuck with this Roc-a-Fella shit doe
Switcha flow,
Buy your freedom, sell your conscience

Justice system
Buy your freedom
Fuck this system
Sell your conscience

Justice system
Buy your freedom
And his kids
Oh, how awful it was today

The sounds of screaming
Save us please
Open wounds
Drowned in Kerosene

What the fuck is this
Carrying her new software.
Little black thing is electric
In the braid, in the braid. in gray.
All she says now, and he says
Come on fuck this, I'm no
Take me away
Take me away I hate this place
It saturates
Darkened dreams now awake

Dream me away
Carry away and fuck this race
Can take
Yeah! I got the in my pocket, and I'm talking like this
Face down, ass up, that's the way, we like to fuck! 
There some hoes in this house,
a muthafuckin deathwish
? in this bitch, he say fuck y'all niggas
Breaking buds down the size of a football nigga
Red beam, gimme the light, no Sean Paul nigga
so wie ein Verrückter (Gang)

(Who the fuck is this?)
Mortel (Mortel, Mortel, Mortel)
Mortel (Mortel, Mortel)
Bandu, Bandu
Bang, bang, bang
Fuck this shit, I'm tired of this
Ain't tryna be your alternate
Fuck it, you can stay with him
Obviously you ain't shaking him
I see that nigga,
(Don't miss)
Fuck this back and forth bullshit, it's a big waste of time
You wanna put it all up, Mr. Backer man, ha?
C'mon, shoot it all,
Papa ain't call even though he saw me on TV, it's all good (fuck you)
But now my balls, balls deep in this broad's jaws, swallow girl, it's just
show you how it's done right nigga
Drop this when the sunlight gone
Better run right home when the sky turn black
Screaming, "Fuck five-0" 'til my
on the sex of who you fuck

This is ignorance
Failure to evolve
Is failure to us all
When will you learn
That this is where we fall
Failure to evolve
want is you)
Drink and fuck
Drink, drink and fuck (all I wanna do is)
Drink and fuck, and fuck, and fuck

There's something in this liquor
This is my life, where the fuck do I begin?
I'll take what you got, this is Hollywood Undead
Motherfuckers looking at us when they want that bread

Bitch wake the fuck up. Why the fuck I just see this bitch Kas at ya nigga crib?
Wait, wait, what?

Like that shit, that shit over with
and blood lube up my vice
Scalpel, clamps hold her tight
I could fuck this gory mess all night

Drunk on cadaver's reek
A rotten climax is what I seek
away with this?
Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you
Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you
I'm pissed
I'm pissed
I'm so pissed off
I'm so fucking pissed

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