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A Willful Chaos In Your Statements
You Captivate Fragmented Thought
That Come Alive In Contradiction
Revel The World
That Hangs On Your Every Word
The worst and far from this life 
Fragmented sun, tomorrow will allow you to divide

Like time does
Present never fails
Like time does

Surrounded by 
Old mirrors
Fragmented life

With the flow
I get up high
My only pride

Present never
the pictures in fragmented parts
Slowly dying everyday, it falls away another tiny spark
When you look close enough can you see things rough
How much can you
figments of my fragmented mind
Who's my enemy them or me
Step to me and you'll die
Grand delusions magnified
Fuck the truth wastes my time
It's all good
Reshape. Reform
Fill these hands with fiberglass memories
Under skin. Fragmented reveries 
Catalyzed in solitude, a 
King of lies, by
fragmented life feels like 
A funny bone 

Ever since I looked into the sun 
You run 
I think it's coming after you 
And every time 
I see
he's in a dream
He's polite to all the nurses, he never curses
He sits there dressed in a tie
He's waiting there happy in a fragmented mind
Never does he
This world is a broken window
At least the pieces that remain
These fragmented eyes we see through
Always resemble pain

So pull me from this
Take me
This world is a broken window
At least the pieces that remain
These fragmented eyes we see through
Always resemble pain

So pull me from this
Take me
I am a torrent that no longer flows 
I am fragmented in so many parts, I no longer know 
I didn't want to be unmasked 
So I decomposed myself 
I left
Geometric Fragmented sections
Appear in my vision, a holy reflection
But I am not fooled by prosthetic projections 
I learned all my lessons when I
hammering down like skies yammering
Inspecting the craft like fragmented catastrophe
Hard to evacuate like accented tenacities
Catch wreck, my characters stat
of my thoughts 
In this fragmented brain 

Shots to the mind 
Of heartache and wine 
Take tolls on my head 
Start me seeing red 

Pills for
His schizoid personality
Fragmented at the age of eight
His grandmother brought him to me
For treatment, but it was too late

For he has tasted
of fragmented ways
Eternal non-events occur throughout its poor days
You're lost forever unable to see yourself
The thoughts arising, there's
no disguising
the garden
Now you better start sowing
Or there won't be a harvest"

I came to
Under a domed roof
The light was cold, and clear, and fragmented
We are fragmented
Clinging on to a concept known as how
Drifting through dimensions
In a place which we call now

Simply unaware 
Of what goes
can feel
Fragmented shards of a god
I leave a memory
Better left scattered
In another life

The harbinger
An ever-present wound
too fragmented

Like a scab it will fall off but leaves it's mark
I was made of broken parts
Sewn together with a broken heart

Task by task,
a fragmented plea for ego

Trained I see imperfection in your race
Lying in wait, blind I suffer knowing I'll never reach your heaven
It's unattainable,

Senses dimmed in semi-sentience, only wheeling through this plane,
Only seeing fragmented images prematurely curtailed by the brain,
of blood
The weapon of stigmata

Each day becomes fragmented
It's harder to connect
My world seems so demented
I see nothing to respect

But strength
Where the oceans rise

Between dimensions asunder
The maze of fragmented flare
Harvest the pain of the will and despair
Where the seeds of chaos grow

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