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We are fragmented
Clinging on to a concept known as how
Drifting through dimensions
In a place which we call now
Life's dirt and dreams, tattered and torn
Cracked and fragmented, weary and worn
Seet as a lulluby, hushed as a baby's cry
I'm only sleeping for a while
Senses dimmed in semi-sentience, only wheeling through this plane,
Only seeing fragmented images prematurely curtailed by the brain,
And all your satellites
Are fragmented
I feel a little crushed
And out of control
All now gone, turned to dust
Instinct survival, none to trust
Fragmented, lost identity
Non-existence, reality
Masai boy
You're a warrior
(Words Willcox/Music Bogen)
Twisted strangers
Have gone to war
Oxygen drunk
Fall bleeding to the floor
Glass eyed creatures
Fragmented features
Piecing together
Fallen warriors
For the maiden queen
Sherwood Forest
Or an African scene
The Marionette
She has velvet claws
She pulls the strings
In this cit
It's lost in a bleak scope of fragmented ways
Eternal non-events occur throughout its poor days
What sanity remains.
My anger mute -
My anguish blind
Within this sad fragmented mind,
Your eyes the spark to light fire
That burns away my pain.
Each day becomes fragmented
It's harder to connect
My world seems so demented
I see nothing to respect
Death creeps ever closer
A darkness falls in me
A scared fragmented loner
A night with no end
An echoing sea
I'll think about me
How I'm too uptight
Fractured and fragmented
Forever cold to this world
Ice coursing through my veins
Animosity unfurled
Fragmented memory of the bloody act
Blood shut eyes staring at me as I end her life
Failure is unknown, Triumph is the all.
Hammering the last nails of their Fragmented coffins
(A symbol of their own impending defeat)
Rebuilding the Fortress
Tumorous growths on and in my body cause me pain
Of dermoid origins, these tumors are pieces of my brother
These teratomas sprout across my body
As my fragmented sibling develops from my torsos
My brother lives within
Inside lays the internal twin
My stomach contains rows of his teeth
Molars and incisors grow from the organ walls
We are fragmented
Clinging on to a concept known as how
Drifting through dimensions
In a place which we call now
Mathematically epileptic
If she don't wet her pants first
The problem a constitution null and void
Who's to look for your disclaimer?
Get over it
The question then becomes fragmented
Jaded, or confused
Everyone gets together
Vibrations named ourselves
Don't cry this inauration day
Best pillows I ever felt
Is it fulfilling?
Collectivism, discipling, unionism
As I turn away
From fragmented lives
I can feel an answer
In the clutch of lies
Scan your drives...your fragmented folders
Encrypt your sensitive information
I'll just double down and recruit more soldiers
What have we here?
Where the fragmented mind is reassembled
A new gift for crying out loud
A small token of our appreciation
Winding down, cutting through
Like broken glass being chewed
The fragmented skull and shattering bones
There's nothing you can do
Back through time in and out of days
Fragmented lives seem to waste away
The monsters have once again made their mark

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