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religion to sit high
Among the elect on march the saints

There's no such thing as a good time for bad luck
As minutes turn to distressed fragmented
Your very own
Your own you own
Your brains are being polluted, poisoned, and fragmented by fear
Not your fear [x3]
Your own you own [x10]
You only
I float forward with a different tide
Then we're like boats passing in the night
Head it doesn't do what heart wants to
Hearts fragmented in
figments of my fragmented mind
Who's my enemy them or me
Step to me and you'll die
Grand delusions magnified
Fuck the truth wastes my time
It's all good
The worst and far from this life 
Fragmented sun, tomorrow will allow you to divide

Like time does
Present never fails
Like time does

Surrounded by 
Old mirrors
Fragmented life

With the flow
I get up high
My only pride

Present never
and violated
Your entrails cut up by a worm
To your eternal sleep could be fragmented
Pathological behavior
Gloomy Sex
The decay of your intestines and
The pain
Born from the dust
of an exploded sun
fragmented memories
in time and before time

Wandering on this planet now
this green Earth
my feet touch
with it 

I'm fragmented, I aint tryna pick up the segments 

I be staring at the world through my rearview 

I pray but I don't know if he hears me 

Reshape. Reform
Fill these hands with fiberglass memories
Under skin. Fragmented reveries 
Catalyzed in solitude, a 
King of lies, by
fragmented life feels like 
A funny bone 

Ever since I looked into the sun 
You run 
I think it's coming after you 
And every time 
I see
he's in a dream
He's polite to all the nurses, he never curses
He sits there dressed in a tie
He's waiting there happy in a fragmented mind
Never does he
This world is a broken window
At least the pieces that remain
These fragmented eyes we see through
Always resemble pain

So pull me from this
Take me
Geometric Fragmented sections
Appear in my vision, a holy reflection
But I am not fooled by prosthetic projections 
I learned all my lessons when I
hammering down like skies yammering
Inspecting the craft like fragmented catastrophe
Hard to evacuate like accented tenacities
Catch wreck, my characters stat
be free
Wonder why I'm in deep, seek peace
From my fragmented mental, sentimental decrease
Sardius, topaz, diamond, beryl & onyx
Jasper, sapphire,
Sacrificial offerer
Fragmented personalities
Split second decision: I'm offin ya
Jesus was a carpenter
But I like body part furniture
Been workin all week
A Willful Chaos In Your Statements
You Captivate Fragmented Thought
That Come Alive In Contradiction
Revel The World
That Hangs On Your Every Word
Tales of death and conspiracy echoed across the sea
Neighbouring radio chatter startled her nerves
Half-sentences and fragmented phrases cut through
Eleven faces, eleven dreams,
I'm split in parts, fragmented by my mind. 
Eleven stories, one is missing.
Mysterious twelve, 
I'm waiting, waiting.
it all around
relying on the songs that can go wrong

Turn turn, I turn it back and forth
Algorithm changes after I´ve been fragmented for so very long
Against the weakness of this town 
Violent, fragmented pieces of love 
I am the girl from out of town
Feel the grip tighten 
Drowning in silence
her dependence
They make her a reason to earn money 
Because they think she is part fragmented and not a full human being

On the name of love,
This Life ain’t nothing but a storm
And we hope each day for a new dawn
No matter what will break us down
We lie ourselves and turn around

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