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your flowering tree
You can still depend on me

And I'll be (the ticking of your clock)
And I'll be (the numbers on your watch)
And I'll be (your
Ah Kin
Gunes, Grian
So the flowering creativity of life wove its
Web face to face with the shallow
Of a real live girl 

Girl's were to girlish 
Was once my belief 
What a reversal and what a relief 
I'll take the flowering hat 

And the towering
No, no, no

I'll be your cliff
(You can fall down from me)
I'll be your ledge
(You can lean upon me)
I'll be your bridge
(Your flowering tree)
Drop of eternities, mighty sea
A blossom on lifes immortal tree
Floating, flowering evermore
The shimmering light of the golden shore

The mighty Scots pine
The lofty flowering cherry
The plucky little aspen
The limping Roo tree of Nigeria
The towering Wattle of Aldershot
The Maidenhead
Soon be national
Love is sweeping the country
There never was so much love

It's overpowering
Hearts are flowering
Sure that passion'll
Across those lonesome oceans

Running deer stops at a fence, sniffing at the flowering iris
Will we meet again in Cold Brook Park
Cold Brook Park

A few months have passed.
It was a refreshing autumn.
I came down to my yard.
The tree was flowering. 

Oh, my sweet little tree.
I saw her, rising up
Alive from earth, flowering in the sun
I had no one, would it be this way forever?
Afraid of her light, power from above
Luciferous serpentine, hid with a flowering face, appearing everywhere
I was infected with thy poison, my tongue profoundly possessed by affirmatives
the flowering armies that summer's led. 
You dig for your last smoke as the highway leads you home, and this day's going down in a flame. 
And evening is
my veins unveiling rancid
Petals flowering forth foul nectar the space between a blink and a
Death blooms
death grip in my veins unveiling rancid
Petals flowering forth foul nectar the space between a blink and a

Death blooms

What about flowering fields
Is there a time
What about all the dreams
That you said was yours and mine

Did you ever stop to notice
the saints
I will behead all the stars
Let lightning strike where it will
Coco-nuts, ba-nay-nays
Flowering vines in revolt
Let there be peace
And let it
and the survivors, just waiting for june
The junior achievers

The christian believers

The tall, flowering wallflowers, bending on sneakers

Forget this fuss
This was way before followers when I was following
Wasn't until a bit later when I started flowering
And I needed pollination not your validation

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