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like the stones in my cross, she flawless
I'm thinking damn, why would God give one woman all this?
You know I got the kind of conversation that make
call it flipping quarters
Yellow diamonds in the grill them V-V-S's flawless
Yea I do this shit for real it's triple c we balling
up in that new Bentley
You step out
Push your chest out
Flip your hair
While they staring
Say yep that's me, yep
Girl you strutting looking flawless
something about yourself (self)
You're wonderful, flawless, oh you're a sexy lady (sexy lady)
But you walk around here like you wanna be someone else (else)
I'm a tank running in banks and takin' all of it
Player we're flawless, wit nothin' to lose guns bustin'
And brossen niggas y'all can't live
a week, ah, trick for a treat..Noo
Go, on the raw sex, my AIDS test is flawless
Regardless, we don't want to get involved without our lawyers
And judges,
I'm surprised there's a body that could hold you
Lotus, I'm tryna talk her down, I need to focus
I'm flawless, you knew it in your heart
You are
Flawless diamonds and all that
Put them lil' ass diamonds away
I'm sayin' put them fake ass diamonds away
Them enhanced diamonds, put 'em away,
and I'm a little more brave
It's the first kiss, it's flawless, really something, it's fearless.

you could ever be regardless
What I'll never be is flawless, all I'll ever be is honest
Even when I'm gone they're gonna say I brought it
Even when I
I see Jordan in the mirror
Nigga that's flawless VVS, CC text me what you wearing
Puttin my all inside your bitch, I grip her hips thats power
the spotlight back, you should thank me no?
I'm coming up though my furs still on the flow
All my stones flawless you see me glow
Now here's what'll probably
just because I'm tired of niggas
I'm with some flawless girls, they're pretty and they're thick
Bust it open quick, put that pussy on his lips, bitch
I'm not sayin' that they should be flawless
I'm telling you the world is lawless
Because we got young knuckleheads power tripping with they tools
You can't unbreak it
When we was in that sprinter van they couldn't see us ballin'
Perfect record, now my team is flawless
Victory nigga,
the robbing crew, thinking they robbing you, you must be cautious
To stand up on yo' game and pimping these crows you must be flawless
Like Mortal Kombat, but
laugh and spillin' the 'gnac
I'm the dog killin' the cat, ignorin' the jack
This is flawless rap, you can't call this whack
Where the ballers at? Go
You fuckin' wit a baller 
A st louis brawler 
You can hate me she gonna fuck wit me regardless 
We be a flawless 
All this 
Tell em' puff
Shit, you looking at a boss
Rose gold rolie on my wrist, flawless
Hundred bottles send 'em to the VIP, ballin'
Basketball leather in the Benz, Spalding
not flawless but you got the perfect flaws
And what goes around, comes around, out a swirly straw
Then she put that shit on me, I feel like some dirty
care, care)
Tell them bitches get off your dick, girl, it ain't fair (It ain't fair, fair)
Let's go flawless shopping, girl, this shit is rare (Shit is
Shit, you looking at a boss
Rose gold rolie on my wrist, flawless
Hundred bottles send 'em to the VIP, ballin'
Basketball leather in the Benz, Spalding
baby, my baby, yeah)

Girl you got all these stalkers
You woke up like that huh, flawless
Breaking all the rules, you living lawless
What you a Pisces
them streets

It's that little glimpse of light
That makes the diamond really shine
And you already is a star
But unless you're flawless
Then your

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