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Had to go flood out my whole wrist
Too many cars in the garage
I'm thankin' Allah
These niggas, they fake and they fraud

I gotta keep it 100
everybody hopping out at 35 mile 
Telling us we fake little faggot bet 
I'ma gonna knock your teeth out the back of your neck 
You might have little girls
Fake lips, fake smile / Poor poor Pam, poor poor Pam
Fake breasts, fake nose / Poor poor Pam, poor poor Pam
Fake tan, fake ass / Poor poor Pam
people do real things
So why is real people still doin' fake things? Huh?

Yo, it's like my mission just to live this way
I had to sell things, don't want
it is, yeah, these niggas fake
No, we can't relate
Yamborghini-high, Lambo by the crib
This is how it is, this is how we live
Bitches, bitches,
It's funny when the night ends and the day begins to break 
And you realize that your whole life has been a fake 
It's funny when the men you
My name is a "JUSTICE"
強姦 売春 薬物 偽装
詐欺 賭博 公然猥褻
傷害 収賄 恐喝 窃盗
賄賂 次第で目を閉じよう...
I'm not a "FAKE"!

My name is
Told them niggas I’m pushing the hood, sorry
Used to rock fake Givenchy at school parties
I'm gone to the bush and I'm with Jolie
Told them niggas I’m
Take it because you want it
Don't need permission because you already on it
Don't need to fake it
It's time to listen
And get yourself ready to make
jumped something more

Tissues flew and rained from the sky
Oh my god you stuff your shirt!?
Your Favorite Martian in a world of hurt

Awwww fake 'Ol
suck more cock than Rupaul
You fake ass niggas do fake ass shit
And fake ass niggas get pussy whipped
It ain't the bitch its the principle of it, nigga
Oh yeah, you want some, TSF DC niggas
Meek it's that time man we gotta move these fake niggas out the way man
The real is back, we winnin'

Oh yeah,
Leave me alone 
Man I'm done with the fake shit Cant fuck with no love all these bitches is basic 
They feeding you lies till you run out of patience
Fake lashes, fake Gucci (that's my Asian baby girl)
And she love to drop that lil' booty (that's my Asian baby girl)
My lil' mama 5 foot 3 (that's my
They just like my sound now

I don't need no fake friends
I don't need no fakes
I don't need no fake friends
I don't need no fakes
I ain't never going
Keine Zeit mehr für Fake Friends!
Ich will Gold für mein Team (Gold für mein Team)
Dicka, will mein Money asap
Ich hab' nix zu verlieren (nichts
全身 no fake 你看他的logo 
全身 no fake 你看他的logo 
全身 no fake 你看他的logo 
全身 no fake 你看他的logo 

Everyday everyday 搖晃我們money tree
工資放進牆頭櫃 我們從來想的美
Let's waste it all in a second
Lets waste it all for today
Let's fake it till we're numb and empty
Let's fake it till, till the end

We're what they
on the realest one
She, she, she cannot make amends 
No fake love, no play pretend
Can’t do it on her own 
When he walk like that
Out that door, no coming back
So you want a war? You gon' need some fuckin' help
Say you got my back? I bet you got a knife for that
Fake mother fuckers bug me, my fly swatter go
Or work doin labor for 
a living your entire life 
They make up all these fake soundbites 
To bring out the hate inside 
Demonize other's lives 
as fake as your watch is
I donʼt know where all of your money comes from 
Every weekend another location
And you're killing my good vibration
I donʼt want
stand this fake world
If you cannot stand this fake world
Take my hand
If you cannot stand this fake world

If you cannot stand this fake world
If you

I can see it in your eyes
Thinking of someone else
I can feel it in your touch
You're only fooling yourself

You can't fake it

Can't fake

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