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Rather composing
Blows up like my names explosion
Lets speak extortion
When I possess this mic extension
Oh I forgot to mention
I rock this style
kill these rappers early in the game, abortion
Spit a verse like lemme get ya fam, extortion
Send these niggas back to when they came, deportation
and ten percent of all extortions
I'm still enforcing, but only when it's close to home
Do it for Tony, he taught me how to hold my own
But now I'm fully
Pronounced un-cuffed with the hoofs pound
I'm Kurupt, Young Gotti, the Headless Horseman
I'm the one that started off extortion
Contortion began to spread
the scroll, my family gun ho
Five hundred mellows, crackin serafino
Ropin casinos, but seenin a man, wit gun totin, chico
That organize extortion like
a house on the low.
He played the 5 boros, everyday fly
Thought he couldn't die.
Bags of hydro in da 5, gettin high.
He had a rep for hijackin, extortion
a war in Iraq
Or a Defense budget of world conquest proportions
Kill freedom of speech and revoke the right to abortions
Tax cut extortion, a blessing
too much to cope with
Why you think, mo'f****** nicknamed me, Cook Coke s***
Should've been called armed robbery, extortion or maybe grand larceny...
I just hope he learn, I ain't have much to say

Lead us squeeze the life out you like a boa constrictor
Fuck a headlock, I'm talking bout extortion
tryin to bring RSO back
Look at your track record, that's how far it goes back
It's extortion, and Ray owns a portion
So half of the staff up there is
I know the odds of winnin'
Like I do off them linen
They gangsters proud of woman
I call it Robbin Gibbons
Flo rida extortion
Taking pictures
extortion sting (yeah) with gunplay
Like Pacino in the original script for Chinese Coffee (yeah, uh-huh)
Like the Tribe of Malachi (get 'em)
What makes you

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