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Control the south side, her name rings
Lookout for the black cherry pussy extortion
Any other hoes get pregnant, bet they get an abortion
just forge it
Knewin' my momma couldn't afford it
In my mind, it cost a little extortion
Knew what time it is, I had to stop watchin'
Only food if
when I wet shit, I dead shit, like abortions
For bigger portions, of extortion then racketeering
Got niggas fearing, fuck what you heard, this what you
the plug to send all the flavors
I never went for extortion, you can't pay a nigga to tell you I paid him
Shout out the real ones who gettin' it, yeah
of extortion
Hold myself down the only way I know
Niggas pumping back in streets, in debt cause they owe
Street life is like a trial, ass out if you blow
Then you know they math class ain't important 'less you addin up cash
In multiples, unemployment ain't rewardin
They may as well teach us extortion
don't wanna wait 'til the end of the night to step outside wit me
You know the history of the guys with me? Extortion, kidnappin'
Murder in the first,
as backwards, cause them niggas just gone keep coming back
And that's when extortion happens
You struggle to get free, I know how this shit be
You deal with
I'ma soldier of fortune
My style is extortion
And I'm gorging more than a portion

Take an excoursion, oceanography odyssey-D
Ballin' 3-D
enforcin, extortion 
Involvin take Bronson, or money launderin 
We are shottas, yes y'all to the death y'all 
Money power respect y'all the hell with
Extortion, or maybe Grand Larceny.
I did it all, I put 'da pieces to da puzzle.
Just as long, I knew me and my peoplez was gonna' bubble.
Came out da gate
family's casualties up, I'm faded
I'm playing
These niggas don't be no gangster, they be paying it, yeah
Extortion ain't dead, it just moved to the county
York for extortion and I'm off in 

any nigga in my path, fast you can ask 

Big Guy, see-Deb, and Lord, Trey Bag, and Cheeba Don 

Gat in they mouth, for talking, you sleep-walking
Can't play the street often, become a victim for extortion
For your fortune, your bank rose
on flossin 
Fuck the robbery I be on extortion 
Embrace the lecture, test taste the texture 
Not Lance Rivera, nor Mason Betha 
Get the 8 and stretch it, til
Extortionists would love to man-handle this
I'm ignorant, refuse to understand what extortion is 
Jack me and get what? Jack me and get where?
Get zilch times
or talkin' 'bout extortion
shit was goin' right and only one better
when I got my Italian connect, hittin' me with pure Heroin
moved to 116th, started seein'
Cookin' grime
On the champagne dance shoot
Thinkin' I was lookin' fine
Saw the rise and the decline
The extortion and the devils on the sidelines
extortion, kidnappin', bribery, drug money launderin', 
Alice and Steve keep wonderin'
How some pussy can't move we, we shoot like a video or a movie
And that's as backwards, 'cause them niggaz just gone keep coming back
And that's when extortion happens
You struggle to get free, I know how this shit be
Extortion, or maybe Grand Larceny 
I did it all, I put the pieces to the puzzle 
Just as long, I knew me and my peoples was 'gon bubble 
Came out the gate
out the seats
We been them niggas, better go ask them freaks
Lipstick on my cheeks, extortion all through my vows (my vows)
They say it's suspicious
I'm on a roll like sonic 
In an age that the plague got bubonic proportions 
Yo I call it reparations, but they call it extortion 
the forced in, rap street, yo extortion)

Chorus: Prodigal Sunn

Life is reality, reality is life
People living trife, the world filled with strife
The gods

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