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Into the night

We went for a ride
With your words of consolation
And the trees of crystal white
I'll be praying for a red light
To extend this
We always have a choice
Or at least I think we do
We can always use our voice
I thought this to be true
We can live in fear
Extend our selves
Or nasty bits, or fits of desperation
Lawrence of Arabia, Sir Alec said to Peter:
"What I owe you is beyond evalutaton."

Extend to me your hand, I'll
O how far beneath Your glory
Does Your kindness extend the path
From where Your feet rest on the sunrise
To where You sweep the sinner's past

I can't carry on
This play is too long
I must be going
Extend my regrets
I gave it my best
But now I'm going
This is too much for me to take

Here's one more invitation that I must extend
To one more disengagement party that you won't attend,
Though you may spend some time coming back
the balance
Mocking crucified dolls
An inquisition outs
When the Sun goes out our powers
Will extend throughout Heaven like Asphodel
As they have for
cover up, repress. I betray the people I "possess"
What ever enemy - I'll disable with mendacity
I make my way, extend my ground, I clear my future-path
And the water starts to boil 
And if I had a camera 
Showing all the light we give 
And showing where the light extends 
I'd give it to my friends 
can the first melted

Extend my body to the wider
Spy light I try super fruit lighter
I could neither glide the night
This try

Wipe that sound
the party, shake your body
Freak the party, shake your body
Freak the party, shake your body

Now I want you to extend your mind
Beyond your thoughts
to be
Outside of society, they're waitin' for me

(Those who have suffered, understand suffering
And thereby extend their hand
The storm that brings
Making love without a sound

We see

White sheets of light
That prickle the skin
Colors extend
Moving out from within
If this is creation
swollen rose
Their tongues extend, and then retract
A redcap, a redcap, before the kiss
Before the kiss.

Doors like flint and window panes
An endless
a clue
To be solved by only you
As if you were not real
As if you could not feel
As if they could not help
Extend a hand in wealth
Of information,
And when people tell me what is ok and what is not, it should not be an unexpected scene seeing I extend my middle right hand digit and say: Hey
Paving the same roads
Unwilling to walk them.
And even when we extend ourselves it’s only to be included
In a moment that stands still.
in the palm of your hands and crush them
And crush them
And crush them to dust
And crush them

I'm reaching out to a hand that no longer extends
insecurity extends to others talking about themselves
Fed with this poison of self righteous false confidence
It's in their eyes, it's in our lives

of the universe
All the elements burst!

A warm powerful breeze inspires inanimate matter
and a creature, shaky reeling on two legs
extends it's hands
Abusing, musing,
Marmalade flesh
Naked spread am I,

Actors of the tragic fanthom,
Extend your legs to great saturn,
Brown table tops scream for cover,
the morning

Just push it to the back of my mind
Expand to the back of my mind
Extend to the back of my mind

Delete stress like Motrin, then extend strong
I drink Moet with Medusa, give her shotguns in hell
From the spliff that I lift and inhale, it ain't hard
can express through song
Delete stress like Motrin, then extend strong
I drink Moet with Medusa, give her shotguns in hell
From the spliff that I

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