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Extend the 80s: Groove (The Sugarhill Gang)

won't go around

I watch you walk
And you turn into yourself
And extend into shadows
Like the days

Hey, hey, hey alibi
Let me shout out your name
a moonlit sea

And I can see a crystal coastline
That extends infinitely
A ship, a song, now we've stayed too long
Oh God, don't let it be

Say, could it be
And new flowers soon blossom
When watching you rise and fall
My limbs proudly extend above you
Okay, beneath my magnificent crown of tree
I am being stained
as familiar as my senses
(As my senses)
The other one preaches pain upon my mind, my eyesight extends
In my sights I have nothing, but guilt and deceit
Don't extend the solo
Lay the groove too deep
Try not to sing the words
As if you're mumbling in your sleep

Don't say that you won't do it
be lost
No one, no one will go that far for us

Who else would let someone get away with so much wrong
But still extend them grace
No one, no one have
far away from you I'm going home I'm going home

Home again I can't extend by even time joys ain't crime
Home again somehow I know there's time
And under and through
So Elmo is pleased to extend you 
This kind invitation
You can visit a world that is simply
Too good to be true

La la
you're the kid the whole day

You get a sticker in your face
Information 'bout the case
So you know your potential
Don't think you can extend
Giving this world everything I've got
Running through the woods, running through this shots
Tryna to survive a day!
All I want is that you extend
you're the kid the whole day

You get a sticker in your face
Information 'bout the case
So you know your potential
Don't think you can extend
The healing vision
That extends beyond the pain
Will take you there and back again

I can remember
You were no stranger
As you came to me
Even though I'm slithering just beneath your feet
Extend my reign into foreign lands
Flexing my muscle anywhere I can
I keep the power and swallow you
love you
But it just tears me apart


The things I say and do conflict
You try to understand
I tell you go and leave me be
But then extend
So I extend my hand to my man screaming, "I'm on my way"

Yes, I rap, but best believe
Them things still get wrapped by Papi screaming, "It's on its
love, it's coming back, it's coming back
Not withstanding provisions of clauses 1,2,3 and 4
Extend contractual period, me and you for evermore
Now gather around me blues
I'd like to make a toast
Let's all extend three cheers
To a guy that's lost the most

I don't want your pity
Or your
To extend a helping hand to anyone else
So tell me why, did you have to lie
And try to make me all confused about the U.S.A.
When the fact of the matter is
to drown. 

Barriers at every turn I make.
There's no one to release me from this cage. 

Coughing and wheezing, bleeding,
I extend my hand to you.
by ascendancy!
The infinitude that my wingspread unfolds...
... Governs my blind spheres!
Visibility enclosed!
The emptiness extends openly...
No life extends

Embellish the blood
Embellish the gore
Bottom fucking line
There is no more

The powers that I hold
To watch lives unfold
Time will kiss you goodbye
We will leave you alone
We will leave you
Time extends you a hand
Time defends your command
We will leave you alone
No one can decide how far it may extend
She will not surrender nowhere

So, she is learning how to play the flute
Just because she always wanted
survival, two needles in hay
It's Romans One facing satan's stare
Pull down the forests we need more wood
Extend the grazing we need more food
Burning our

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