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Extend the 80s: Groove (The Sugarhill Gang)

Zero shines in the light of two red suns,
His bubble self extends beyond the skyline.
They are together...o yes....
They are apart.

A delightful
and a hundred points between
Still we go on diggin' ev'ry show
The cities in the land all extend a welcome hand
Till morning when it's time for us to go
unable to attend this tremendous
Occasion being given in your honor
I would like to extend my sincerest best wishes to you
That has decided me to be the same slave again
I walk
I walk at midnight
Oh yes everything is definitely all right
If only I was to extend moments like
no reason to stop running here
There's no reason to blow out
All the flames that keep my mind in heat
I follow time to extend my dreams
see you lowered down 

Thinking of words I could have said 
On Monday given consequence 
Decisions you make sealing fate 
A fear extends deformed
and breath
In death cahoots
The strong survive
To wean more brutes
Who grow and seed
Extend their roots
Cowards, bombs
And scab recruits
Like monkeys
tongue extends its dark and watery touch. 
Forces gather, martial stand against the rush. 
Wily child in mischief here to make his play. 
Leaves toys
I've been trying 
To justify you.
In the end I will
Just defy you.

To those who understand,
I extend my hand.
To the doubtful I demand
Take me
I extend out to you 

The satellite that will orbit your mind until your down 

That's how I know that's how I know 

I'm the asteroid that will
beneath our state sanctioned soles, but what is he laughing at?
There was nothing padded about a wagon full of mace.
Rotator cuff hyper extends behind my
Extend their reach with know-all speech, the decency police
Watching out for us, who needs freedom when you have them?

From the 700 Club to Capitol Hill,
She wanders alone through the night
A child with eyes burning bright
She extends her arms for an embrace a tiny smile
Her ruby lips on her doll-
Oh, she's so on top of things
Gone out but so looking thin
She's got a heart pressed to the ground
To extend her knowledge
And I'll spend my life
A universal responsibility,
To extend our hands compassionately,
To catch those hearts before they break,
Lest we drown in backwashed hate,
Tendrils Extend from the cloudy black mass
They slither and slide through the ones and zeroes
Prophecy of collapse unfolds
Last grains of sand
Lord Cornbury did this, his friends said,
To demonstrate his resemblance
To his cousin, Queen Anne
His impetuosity, however,
Did not extend
above this broken dream
To me her arms extend

Come sing with me a melody
In the dark of the night
Come far away to nightingale's
Make everything
above this broken dream
To me her arms extend

Come sing with me a melody
In the dark of the night
Come far away to nightingale's
Make everything
The healing vision
That extends beyond the pain
Will take you there and back again
I can remember
You were no stranger
As you came to me
Dreamers walking
And in
Prepared to find
The solution to keep itself alive

hidden but existing
Pervert all natural laws
Immense resonance
Extend to the end
to extend its edge.

Hard tiring days and sleepless nights
Marchin'on through' hasty lands and evil hill
Rain of sharp spears fall upon them
Once again it's
Instead of making conversation,
Make love to me!
Make love to me, my darling,
While there is still a moon.

Must I extend an invitation?
The blood of your own act
Marking the night sky
And follows you wherever you go
Freedom of will, extends out before me

Into the unknown
Out Of the fire

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