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Extend the 80s: Groove (The Sugarhill Gang)

To extend the soul

It's long
To cage it would be wrong
Like my Mother's song
Gently unfolds

Tumbling, tumbling
Falling, falling down

the gypsy queen in a glaze of vaseline
Will perform on guillotine
What a scene, what a scene
Next upon the stand will you please extend
a hand
The light refused us with designed intent
Into darkness we retreated to seek defense
With patience and logic new hope extends
To be different,
A never ending shore
No here after
No beginning , No before
A pitless nothingness
That reaches deep within
Soul serching void extends
Black velvet,
side is black
Impossible to not look back

the moon is waxing
Then it's full waiting to extend
It never looks back
Moons ahead carries no regrets

but I
things that we don't need
And forget about the others that can't
Walk, talk, hear, or see
All I'm asking you to do is
Open up your heart
And extend your
heart does not extend to charity

Yes I'd have to say I like my premise, see
Did you know you're on closed-circuit TV?
To smile at me

And a dream
The ones that are laughing at you
But now we're back again
Violent unfriendly friend your face
Our fist extends put you back in your place
We'll smash you're
a hundred billion galaxies that stretch across the sky
Filled with constellations, planets, moons and stars.
And still the universe extends to a place that
a snap of twig
That extends from the hands of a branch on a tree
Like you new jack rappers, run from me
I got proof of truth, I cut and go raw
(Word em
Fingers once offered are now too heavy to extend

The ghostly first wife glides up on stage whispering to raucous talkers
Spilling family
been this way
What can I say?
It's true I did extend the invitation
I never knew how long you'd stay
When you hear temptation call
It's your heart
preoccupied obsession,
To hear your voice I extend towards the sun.
Eating makes me think of you,
This city has become your face,
Strangling myself in
found tongue a question 
Between my head and my boots I take and blend all these colors of the rainbow 
And the ladders in my eyes extend into what I do
dreams extend
Just around the river bend, just around the river bend

Should I choose the smoothest course
Steady as the beating drum? Should I marry
beneath the earth beyond the sky it grows
Extend our will silent and still,
As one by one we deify our own

Whoah, now heed the urge to slip inside
To extend a helping hand to anyone else
So tell me why, did you have to lie
And try to make me all confused about the U.S.A.
When the fact of the matter is
An angel on a Harley
Pulls across to greet a fellow rolling stone
Puts his bike up on it's stand
Leans back and then extends
A scarred and greasy
been this way
What can I say?
It's true I did extend the invitation
I never knew how long you'd stay
When you hear temptation call
It's your heart
Deflowering the maidenhead

Religion caw epistles
Twisted laws extend their thristles
A crown to justify
Our place atop this hellbound carriage

the light that knowledge ignites 
excite Blacks and Whites through the things that I write. 
See, I could extend your days in a spectrum of rays 
feint friends
Fingers once offered are now too
Heavy to extend

The ghostly first wife glides up
On stage, whispering to raucous talkers
can express through song
Delete stress like Motrin, then extend strong
I drink Moet with Medusa, give her shotguns in hell
From the spliff that I
I'll reach out my hand and you'll turn the other way.
I'm only trying to extend myself, to communicate.
I try and I try and I try, there's no

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