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Behind, out of mind; away.

And in the end you discover, examine, you have to decide if
There is an answer, if there is a way, 
Let her find
darker than yours, a little tanner
You never took the time out, examine yourself Boi
Are you black, white, asian?
Indonesian, or Borean-that's black
Genesis to Revelation
Never stopping for a second to examine situations
After all that we've been through

And love it only ends
When there's nothing
To whoever within ya commonwealth the top ten

I'm crushing ya crap concoction
To the utmost examine this up close it's shockin'
Now mic droppin' is only ya
the light brown eyes
let me speak to you a minute and examine them thighs
and get wise to the fact
that I'm hip to that act
don't try to play that role
be like so on and so on
I examine who and what I think I know
Everybody's a victim is what I'm peepin' though, so
I hustle with friends
Even tussle
think maybe we should go on out
Into the moonlight, out of the spotlight
And examine where we are and where we've been to
Where we're going is down
wish it would hurry up
I feel nano-bacteria burning me up
Before I explain in detail
You should examine the Mahr's mineral samples under my nails
when I was out, let's examine
What's happenin junior? What's goin down?
How the women actin, heard you was crushin 'em in the town
Look good don't
believe there's no reason for fear
You may be gone for a day or a year
Before you go you must examine the fact
You may decide that you don't want to come
How dare you say
"you have a good one"
When it's obvious
I don't
As plain as the nose on my face
Examine small holes with search lights
Ad open up
don't get caught up in glamor and glitz and camera tricks
The land of the dead, before you come examine your set
Where drama collects and women use
So now I need names and faces 
Examine the suspects
Get the D.A here now

You'll tell everyone
That it's so much fun
Say to all my friends
famine, ghetto people demand
that somebody do somethin soon, and let's examine
the facts, behind the violent attacks
Behind the daily gunplay the cocaine
Après mon passage sur la scène, elle a flashé et craqué
Sans hésiter, elle m'a ciblé et fiché
Dans un dossier, examiné et classé
Et là-dessus, plus
I came to incite
Fascinating results, a defeat will be difficult
Equivalent to a thousand volts
To my brief rap speech you attach like a leech
for me
I was taught examine your purchase before they took the money
Brung the Benz out, all them lil' babies lookin' stubby
Ain't no rap check
Examine the tangible
The gifts of life
The meaningful and meaningless
As we learn
To love and share laughter
And grief
In the blink of an eye
Examine our uncanny knack for labelling 
Which inevitably will bring the hatred in 
Animosity between races and creeds 
Religions, politicians, states,
I'm not about to give a piece of myself
But I can't stand by and watch you
So take a moment to examine yourself, and what you're doing
It only takes
ya bitch like shells on a lobster
Im so ill examine me youd bail as my doctor
I feel like Wile Coyote wit all this TNT
Its like a kick to the head how
from shore
Take everything I ever was
And throw it overboard

A shotgun shell and a microscope
To examine every word I wrote
A gold cross pen and a blank
n'importe quel type
Admire le prototype, examiné, torpillé, quelque sujet type
Le coût d'une vie à force assombrit les calculs
Laisse beaucoup trop de
quoi ? 
Ce blues qui s'dépose dans ma tasse de thé

Je m'examine, j'ai quelques bons amis
Des heures au téléphone, je cultive mes soucis
Et je jardine

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