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close encounter
And I've never met nothing like you before
I felt so fortunate
To have this authentic romance

And our love is God's desire
So that
off my hair
I've got a thing for poodles
And rubber underwear
And I want to tell the world about it
Right Now

I had a close encounter
I never
Its 6am, open roads and open skies
Under this Wyoming sunrise
A close encounter with
The emptiness of nothingness
21 years out on the road from
Lets burn these bridges and disconnect from our encounters
You'll never know the trails that I've been through
The trails that I've been through
Through open eyes I still can't see
Where there is time, you could be mine
Why dwell on past encounters?
At least they still affect us

encounter with a force that's controlling my feet
It's a once in a lifetime feeling that returns every week

Boogie oogie boogie woogie dancing shoes
The violence, the torment, with who to blame?

Take a look at my life,
Encounter the ways protected by time.
It's buying, supplying and taking
Life's ectincted - Stars eclipted
No light in the black

Dark encounter - Alien frontier
Suicide mission - Sacrified
We'll never come back
get worse
A chance encounter that couldn't be rehearsed
For some unknown reason you finally see
What was dark is now light
Your life has changed by
The beautiful sun shines through
Never mind the summer
Seasons go as quickly as they come
Just like cinnamon gum

Gotta up the downer, you wanna close encounter
I'm the encounter dance, I'm the chain dance
I'm the blending of darkness and light
I lead the snake's circle in the thirteen moon's night
I give
of faith
No act of grace

Moving steals, in as much as we reveal
No encounter, no attachment to
Anything less than we corrupt

It's a life but at least
It is
going straight to my head
I guess my pipes are a little bit rusted

Close encounters of the strangest kind
I got the heebee jeebes for the hundredth
run out of light
And I won't last

Maybe there is some comfort in a mystery
Close encounters
None of them are you
I can't make myself look sane
This brief encounter
Fleeting yet infinite
Outstreched arms
Ever so close
Just out of harms reach
Fingertips they beckon
I won't be a part
Intertwine the time, linking mind and soul
Encounter the land of the sun, inside the body of one

Wiyhin the city of monoliths
Former begins of this earth
Of particular growing things
Which previously were cultivated in horror with another
In the night wanderings I attempt to get back to these to encounter horror
the beginnings of all
A many partings,
great many encounters
Proving that I've advance a bit
Before I knew it
I facing forward So far, so good
I started
me objects of mindlessness,
torture's too good for you

Read into my ghastly deeds
and encounter sickness
slaughter of disease filled whores
She stands, a target behind the counter
And she burns a little more with evry encounter
Spit on again and again till her eyes are bloodshot
And now
A close encounter of the sexual kind
Love in the shadows, like a smoking gun

Batten down baby, lock all doors
I got the love that you're lookin' for
first encounter, 
Then you have no business calling yourself a queen.

I know that some of you may balk, 
Yet some may find the earnestness of your
quiet and cold
This world will be dead when I'm done

Encounter a new breed, evolutions demand
This is when we react, when we strive for pure life
his ass
Lohocla's drunk again yet still he begs for more

One day you'll encounter him,
You'd better share your beer

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