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Th' Dudes  


Métete a la ola y menea con la Kalora
Que ya llegó la kalora

Mi vida crece
Mi vida no lo dudes
Quiero que me beses
Mi vida eso que te hace caballero
traumatic Iraq mood
Iraq's not Iraq, it's really Iraq fool
Lieutenants say they're pulling the pilly to pop dudes
And citizens in the inner city can not
a ritual when dude was burning
Son would roll up, without a hold up
Take out a twenty
And break that ho up
In a crumpled up piece of money
The wildest

Back again, it's the realest dude on the panel
Napkin tucked in the collar of my new flannel
Only TV dinner I want is my bitch
Cooking some
Don't compare yourself to Droog, dude, you suck
You'd probably think I'm rich with the tunes I construct
Made enough to buy a few constructs
of cash
Before I mmm my bad you know ol' dude gon' fume
I hear the g-g-ga-g-gas
Woo, my bad, don't gag
Although it's cute that you choosin' me over
My young niggas pull incredible moves
Get off the couch, get money like the Everest dude
The world tough, boy, don't get beheaded
You damn right, I
Ihr Fools losed!
Wie, du willst mich jetzt von meinem Thron verdrängen? Tu es, Dude!
Ich komm' wie die Trenchcoat Mafia zu dir Punk und shoot,
Is there a space for me
I see your eyes wandering
おれが目の前いても 眼中にない
他のことで有頂天 それも当然
It's all about that
dude that you
dude he dress to impress
A bitch enough to make her want to give me her dress
Blessed with the gift of gab to get gals
Hot enough to hit they pals so
inside my VCR

But now I've got my pornography
My Dad gave it all back to me
He's such a cool dude he gave back all my books
Now I can read my
a man in Japan and a dude in Tahiti
Believe me sweety I got enough to feed the needy
No need to be greedy I got mad friends that's pretty (Hey!)
words you hear day after day 
I tell you man there's work to pay . 
I'll make you huge , the distant may squeal 
Just remember dude it's a three
Look like you, talk like you, even gangsta walk like, but smoke you
I've never even seen you dude, probably robbed you once or twice
back when I was
Whoa! Yeah, haha
Holla at ya boy man
This thing's about to get ugly man
It's that dude, ah
Its crazy right now (Crazy!)
The world is
someone's Nintendo
And I seen Nath Cruise take booze
From these fake dudes, shaking in they boots trying to play cool
Laughed about it, then made my way
whites and indians
But I never had a dude like you
I'm try'nna tell you now
That I'm feelin' your style
Can I chill one night with you

And no one would see them!"
I hope He goes for it
I bet Krishna and those dudes 
Would let me hang out at their pad 
If God was too bummed
crew , 
He says oh you know an angry white female, 
What a cop out, what a lazy answer, 
Strangely when I was around any of these press dudes, 
I was in
Reír o llorar de felicidad tu verás
Si quieres llegar al final llegarás
Agarra tu vida, y tira

La vida irá poniendo todo en su lugar
No dudes, abre
dude, with some nice dreams
See these ice cubes, see these Ice Creams?
Eligible bachelor, million dollar boat
That's whiter than what's spilling down
1999 I wrote a song, spit a metaphor
Went from amateur to entrepreneur
You still don't know me, you dudes can't touch me
Stab me, kill me, hug me
don't sing but nothing brings more pleasure. 
Than to offer you to awful dudes who worship that thing called cheddar. They've never read of your prophets,
the woodgrain davens and the license plate rattlin
Doin what we want to hangin out the sunroof
We mental we ignorant boy we go dumb dude
Gas break dip we call it

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