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Head f' heaven t' day
We're on the gospel train
We can show you the way
Relieve all strain
Leave your cares and your woes
Heaven knows
Y' dodge that devil in his fine fancy clothes yes!
Come git aboard
We still got space
Hear the word of the Lord
We saved your place
Save your soul while y' can
Sinner man
While my niggas out here doin hits, makin the news
What you think you gon' dodge these bullets like Matrix?
Like a condom, I even lay teck on a bitch
Drop g's on they ass with my ski mask
And as the sucker try to duck and dodge the diggety task
But I ain't fucking with the popos hit the floor
So I'll be the one to pull our tangled lives apart
I won't dodge the angry words that hide a broken heart
And my calm fare-thee-wells cannot obscure
So goodbye my darlin', may God bless you
I go to make this sacrifice
And if ever you visit old Dodge City
Remember the Fool's Paradise
think of all the times that I rolled wit mine
male groupies got dissed and got the hell out of dodge
they was blinded when the good shined through they were on you
Only fifteen and got problems
Cops on my tail, so I bail til I dodge 'em
They finally pull me over and I laugh
"Remember Rodney King?" and I blast on his punk ass
I'm just trying stack a meal,no what I'm saying
that shit real, trying to hide and dodge,
but I can't seem to hid my fucking bill
On how to cook dope, and chop a key
Column, shot em shot em, got em, stick em, lose em, stock em 
Bitch em, dodge em, block em, stock em, rock em, chop em, scheme em
The gasoline on your fire, Got em dodge em
when you and that bitch was gettin' outa dodge
We're rockin', Professional Ballers, Figga-Ro will be the tallest 
Player that you spot, duck or dodge? 
It's all, turn the Impalas all skirty 
Left em deserted, heat em where their pockets hurted
I can't go down, them slugs bust
I'm runnin' through yards and shit
Tryin' to dodge them tricks
I'm a movin' target
I spotted my nigga out there
From old Dodge City, Kansas, the dust had rung their knell,
Back and forth, I dodge a fly
Like a feather in the sky
Write me out a check
Give me all your cash
Get you high and we have plenty fun
Park in my garage I've a Dodge we can get it on
Flip the script she's grown, now I got her in a zone
that all you bitches better dodge for life
Spread the whole clip around and get the fuck outta Dodge
I reloaded the shot and dropped another motherfucker 
Quick, I duck and shit to dodge the bullets comin' at me 
'Cause I won't be too happy with a slug inside my nappy
Over the Jersey state line
Barefoot girl sitting on the hood of a Dodge
Drinking warm beer in the soft summer rain
The Rat pulls into town, rolls up his pants
Now I'm dashin', cars in the garage 
Run past the Path' run past the Dodge 
Rumble for the keys, made it to my shit
It's a little like a stock-car race
You never stay in line
You just dodge flyin' steel and the rubber off the wheels
And try to make it to the finish line
Throw you in the trunk, we bump and mash out 
We blast out and get the fuck outta dodge 
And leave your body corpse parked at the Travel lodge

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