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I'm just doing me
Living comfortably
Working on my dreams

Don't need company
Keep distracting me
Got some goals to reach

I need tunnel vision
all these perkys
Now my stomach hurting
I don't want no more bourbon
Tryna figure out all these ways to cope
Distracting myself with all these fuckin'
a bag on myself now 
She wanna go give that ass to me 

(Yea) Yea 
Bitch stop distracting me 
Get the fuck out my face too
Less you wan get this cash with
shoulder distracting
I can't focus Im going through the motions (Whouuu)
I'm on the edge again (Yea!)
Pressure done let the pressure
Get to his head
for someone boy we can do much more togethah
I'm distracting what good can we get food can I read a book oh would you look at these biceps
Then I send
filling my mind
They are distracting me and taking my time
The things i thought the things I did playing in my brain
Tried to hit fast forward but the track
just really wanna lift it
Moretime I just really want a spliff, but
Guess I was meant to feel like this
Distracting myself with my vices
Turn new corners
going through this pain it do not really matter to me
Dripping wit no bladder in the back of the C
Fixing living shattered you distracting my fleek
I tell 'em to stop, very distracting
The past mistakes, they are so frightening
Make them go
Make them go

Nowhere to run, nowhere to go
I bang
it he's too
Rambunctious it's unfair it's distracting
Classmates, where it will ever
Stop, I never know wish your egg
Dropped and flopped on the floor,
Try me, try me, try me, try me
Let me, let me, let me see
Yeah you know how I feel
Yeah you love distracting me
When we hit that place, I'm saying
Side us
With in
We know
It's like
A swing
No sides
Yang Yin
Find it distracting
distracting can't be late to all my shows
Girl you just want me cause you know I'm boutta blow
Cause you know I'm boutta blow


Now we out here speeding
want it all, I want to stay,
I just want to run away
I should make music 'till I die
Maybe its all just a big waste of time
Maybe its distracting from
Can’t seem to find a meaning
Will I sink or will I swim?
Will I sink or will I swim?
Fuck your expectations
Fuck your explanations
Fuck the lies
history if you choose
We ain’t dumb no distracting with shoes
Give us enough comfort so we don’t revolt
Just know we smarter than you
You thought we were
But I don't fuck with hoes
They was distracting me
Until I find the one 
They coming after me 
I woke up this morning
Felt like Master P
I wanna
Or am I
Becoming very lonely
Lonely, maybe

Blank stares
Are getting more distracting when we're talking
One day I figure out
A coping method

things distracting me
I gotta leave 'em lone cuz they attacking me
Baby Jesus 
Baby Jesus
Come and save the people 
Cuz we need ya 
No they not on they
always seeming ruthless
Distracting me, myself and I, listening to bad and boujee
Bad thoughts, leavin’,
That’s all I’m needing
Can’t fall asleep and
And I don't like
Distracting from the problems
So I fight to be on stage
Yeah I sing about the truth here
Or wherever I lay
Trying to
Bring nature
It's repent repeat
It's elections Distracting communities
They want me still
But I'm wavey
They want me
Crying like baby
I'm just a queen
They can't
Cause I´m all rotten from within
Em tats distracting from my sin
Seductive shell with nothin in
I´m seeking for sense
But nothin seems relevant
A hate so
through my fortunes
Distracting myself  extracted from self back formless 

This is water let the tide bring them dollars in  
And maybe we could some good

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