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Triggers fast, distracting rhythm plays
Checks and balances, the easy life
Finish last on odds they'd never lay
Uneasy silences, the easy life
How's the road?
Are you getting lots of action out there?
I hope so

I'm at home
Distracting myself with the guitar
And microphones

And when
me down, I've had enough
Lay me down, I've been hurt enough
How time runs on and on, and on, and
Lay me down, I've had enough

Distracting from
needed you Now I can see, there's no mystery distracting me from the truth And I am changing, like the phases of the moon And time can't save us, maybe I'm
With their penchant for conditioning
And their dispositions on a swing
From the toxins and distracting means

Just when I need to see, the lights
Mountain City yellows
They're not on the grounds they're in the wall
This loneliness is so distracting
I'm barely missing you at all

Will I
attention paid.
Too distracting convention, no need for friends.
Will it ever be the same again?
Will it ever be the same again?

You're original, with
'Damn Daniel' distracting you on Instagram
Back again with the all white media coverage
They do it over and over like remedial subjects
The people with
[Verse 1 ]
Straight as a dye 
On us we rely 
Yet watch how my head is turning 
Distracting my eye 

It's no reflection on you, 
my nails
It's definitely distracting
The way you dramatize every little small detail

Don't freak out until you know the facts
Relax, Max

into relapse 
Cause since going off your drug yeah I've gone insane 
Tried to write a diss track but I'll admit that your distracting from other girls
I've been staying up late
(Don't forget to sleep)
Been trying to ignore 
All these bad things happening

I've been distracting myself
(It's a lot
can't cure it just because 
It's hard for me to say it but I'm happy without love 
I need to work alone cause it's distracting me I pause 
Why can't it be
complaining that I was distracting
So think back on all your favorite times we had together
How many of them would've happened if it weren't for me
I made
eyes from distracting sights
Cuz God's taking us to massive heights
Baptized in that Holy Ghost
I advise that you hold Him close
If not leave your soul
it fair?
Pretend it's not there?
Making you happy can be so distracting
But I just, just might be
For something reciprocal
Aye, look, aye, listen
All these challenges on the gram distracting you from the facts
I challenge you to focus all your energy on the blacks
You voice your hate
But not your love
Your fear keeps you barely living
It is essential to the person you've become

You know the day will come
home, yeah
And imma keep searching 'til i find ya

All these other hoes been distracting me
But i got a woman, and she's expecting me
I gotta hurry up
I'm a dedicated guy but if she's distracting i'm happy to be distracted
I've never been that kid to be attracted to a girl whose contacted more guys
You don't care for half of this
Herbo we was having shit
Hurt when you not passionate
Heard you was an activist 
You just like distracting and
You don't
Distracting myself in different ways
But the dreams come for me like snakes in a garden
One second i’m fine and the next you were gone
But i’ve taught myself
introspection wont make it all go away
Drown it out with superficial positivity
Distracting activities
Extra sensitivity
Or a good show on tv 

Time ticks
I sit
or uh Steve here
Uh the squirrels are doing that thing in my tree again
And I'm trying to record an album here and it's kind of distracting
So I was

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