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Kill it

Music distracting me
I'm just digging my grave
Call their activity conforming
While they call it behave
Breathe heaven blessed poems
I'm listening
My train of thought, I lose

Feels like Magic, babe
Just like Magic, babe
You're distracting me

Feels like Magic, babe
I can't
distracting, I don't learn
I don't learn
Destiny's a smile I'm gone' earn
I turn in my sleep
I dream up songs and catch the words
Back to the waves and the birds
Yeah can I go faraway faraway
Join you as matter of fact
Because I woke up this morning 
Feeling hopeless thinking tempting distracting me
From Jesus
a problem others face that you want to fix, a real problem
This is not the uploading of photos of your deeds
This is not distracting yourself from your
Cos anywhere you go I'll follow
Body bounce oh go loco
Laleyi mamma mia
Aleyi mamma mia
Mesmerizingly distracting
Got me feeling like I can sin
another layer
Universe I adore
In your eyes I will never see a lie
It is you I adore
I adore

Love persuading like it should
Distracting from your plans
What Do I do
Distracting myself from my problems
Stay in the clouds thats an option
Nowhere to find you now
I look back, you look like a ghost yeah
Gatta do this for God
Without him I can't even win
Stuck in my own misery all I do is sin
Devil distracting me I can't even focus
Stuck in his chains
Tell ya friends ya gotta go
You're so attracting
Tell ya friends ya gotta go
They're so distracting
Tell ya friends they gotta go
I feel like
This shit so distracting
In the stars I'm dancing
With you girl romancing
This just shit everlasting
She said tell me
Do you ever tired of being worried
stay focus cuz your echo distracting

Vibing on a love song
(For you)
Missing you daylong
(It's true)
Hoping you won't be frowned
(No clue)
Funny how I
Their faces show
What they were warned about
Distracting tales from one another
Eyes straight and walk the
Fire up the hill
Until the oil's burned out
time but
with another girl in mind cause I'm holdin' on 
Girl I'm barely
Holdin' on
I need you girls to keep distracting me cause

My ex just texted, so
I heard you across the room
Over empty distracting sounds
I fell down across the ground
To pick myself up to the pace

I moved out across the states
gather round 
A nickel for your thoughts as they smoke the whole town 
Temple walls play distortion, distracting with the martians 
Flying in outer space,
keeping our memory shared at a distance
(You keeping our memory shared at a distance)
Distracting myself on that freeway I'm racing
(Distracting myself
glimmer distracting me
Always distracting me
But what can you do
I have no interest in the things that you do
Too introverted for you
I have lost sight
away, your face is a distraction
But I like the way that you're distracting me

Get in the play, running your fingers through my hair
Don't wanna
Ya time time time
Cause I'll be here for ah while
I doh care who watching or who distracting
I ain't come here to waste no time

Spin dat
These wounds, they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real

Discomfort endlessly has pulled itself upon me
Distracting, reacting
how you taste
Your hair stuck on my face, distracting me from your waist
I'm good at saying all the right things at exactly the worst times
So pull me
If ain't bout some money than boy it's distracting
Can't even walk with you niggas
They see I got drip n keep passing me napkins 

They think that
stuck on my mind
Stuck on my mind
I should be stuck on my grind
Stuck on my grind

But you're way too distracting
I guess, I like it like this

But you're

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