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use my brain 
Cause I'm insane 
And I like to feel the pain
I need someone whose the same
Who can beat me at my own game

Distracting myself 
or uh Steve here
Uh the squirrels are doing that thing in my tree again
And I'm trying to record an album here and it's kind of distracting
So I was
Fighting habits that's distracting
It's damaging
I can see clearer now
Got my heart Intact emotions bound
I can feel the tempers rising
Tryna hold it down
at me
My lyrics causing a catastrophe
The look at you it really saddens me
You caught me now you just distracting me
I’m in the booth I got em hypnotized
And I don’t know who I could trust they drastically distracting me
From the path that I been on
Niggas wanna see me fail
But I keep on goin strong
need shit that’s outside of me
Quit distracting me, I’ll just talk to He
But I need the cash now
Cuz there ain’t no handouts
And I got bills,
myself away
Buried in my phone
Distracting my brain cause I don't wanna have any communications at all with anyone cause
Everyone is so damn difficult
For a pleasant yet confusing
Little forest to drop the act
And make the party start
But it's too distracting
I know
I know
I know
I know
I know
Slow down
Hurry up
Oya oya
Kia kia
Ni suru
I am complete and still growing
Meditate or get to work late
Root deeper into yourself
what’s happening they are going down,
My strategy is distracting me so I’m zoning out
Zoning out
A couple things that’s on my mental
Slowing down now
And I
The look on your face so distracting
But that's just your way of reacting
Lately I know that I've been on your side
But you gotta get rid of these
a flight out
Tell me can I hit it right now
Real talk on a big man ting
Your attraction is distracting
Pour another drink take time lets sip
You can
give a fuck about the dumb shit
Like politics
They distracting y'all with that nonsense
One question
At the end of the day 
How many of these policies
me: ordinary sadness
You don't have to pathologise me
I'm not a bloody illness
All year you've been avoiding me
On your quest for distracting activities
Attributes, gimmicks, or women distracting our visions
Chill with them vibes that infameezy combines
With the art of speech forever given to mankind
Will I ever shine

Night and Day
You keep on coming my way
Night and Day
You keep on distracting me
I can't sleep
I can't feel 

Hey Hey
Night and Day
Distracting yourself from the pain will make it feel worse
Once you realize it never went away
And don't try to figure me out
This insecure man
Let's go
Reminiscing, times are missing, savor to extent
Mind distracting, pain inflecting lost, I can't pretend
Feels like I am caught up in my rage
face he a witness
Know a nigga not acting
She wanna fuck for the backend
Ima get it no distracting
Wanna be in beauty pageants
Think Im using my
Pushing through the day but I keep my head up anyway
I been distracting myself
Took your things up off my shelf
Drinking smoking never helped
So now I’m
You can’t expect me to when I’m behind
I’m so stupid and shit for brained
I’m just hair stuck in the drain
You keep on distracting me
Guess I'll have
weeks and you already lasting
Laughing at his pics are distracting
Watching my fans and they already been clapping
Eastside niggas still taking the last
'til I die

Just trying to do the right thing
It's hard with the traps that life brings
Anything that numbs the pain
Distracting doubts screaming in my
of your lips
You know just how I tick
And, in this moment
Reality is frozen
I was nothing more
Lying on your floor
Than a distracting swain
Shielding you

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