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heading this way
I see him staring in my face
With eyes of distaste
As he reaches into my chest
And realized there's nothing left
He asks why are you
washed up and faded
The day i fucking came in
Was the birth of the saviour
I never acted jaded
Now your spot is taken
You regret your distaste yet?
such a distaste
Until it all flipped and you were the only one left on the stage
We were made slaves
So many years ago
Holding, binding
Me, On top
When it's time to know my name 
I'll spit in the face
A display of distaste 
Only one fucking man remains
King of the hill 
in place
With a smile on your face was such  distaste
Just take my hand don't you trust me
Don't you trust me
Satisfied on your perch of faith
Sitting on your perch never are you satisfied

Your eyes roll to the back of your face showing off your distaste
In a world of fermenting disdain
From the distaste
For the drug laced gruel 
That infects you everyday

Behold the abomination

Medicated to ensure
traced to make a shape of wild distaste
and then replaced.

And in my haste to make some sort of significant mark upon this place,
I am a waste, and in
to exist

carolina light
carolina leave a light on

distaste, your game hypocrisy
won't wait for your apology
can't trust your false psychology
don't tell me
that masks the distaste 

So come on, come on, 
I dare you to notice 
Come on, come on, 
I dare you to bleed 

Take me through to morning
but no one wants to make the time
to listen
express distaste for its state but won't step to the plate
they won't won't stand their position
the distaste so versatile
Versions of my journey: journal to murkin you
Long way from Barstow, bar none still serving you
Worshiping sights of burnt bridges I'm
The distaste I’m left with
Separation of individuality
Take a look in the mirror
See what you are
Accept the past accept right now and move on from
a smoldering brand
Sticking to her wet, body like sand
Her place distaste we fell from grace
Red smears across our face

Fistfuls of you

Fistfuls of you
The rainbows only

The greatest plan, a clan of man
sitting waiting in the corner
Cold and shaking, wrapped in distaste
Shameful nods, this party
which case 
You should resolve to now displace 
Effluvium, the rind of dreams 
To flush it out in uric streams 
Smell the waste 
Without distaste 
It will
But others had some distaste

I wanted vent space
Wrote at a quick pace
Posted that shit online, and I
Was hoping to get people to click play

a perfect look of distaste
Without this common ground where would we be now? 
You say: 
"You snowflake, you socialist, you urban elite" 
I say: 
"You gammon,
that it's disabling which enables the ability to overthink
And then I wanna sink and runaway into a drinking phase
(Do it) full of distaste
But at least
me but it's just always the same (Shame shame shame)
I said "I love you" a thousand times
But you just looked at me with distaste in your eyes
I can
She turned
A twisted smile
I felt her envy
And then suddenly she turned and bared her teeth in distaste
And I said, "what would you know... how could
What could hinder this haste
Calm strewn the isle of this tattered grain
In all this muzzled distaste
I brush the vial hoping to misplace
Cover me
Desecrating your sense of dignity, but of course in the end, it's all a
Matter of distaste

Your values mollified, severed by clean, precise

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