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the shelter
The cul-de-sac is never ending
Crack's along the shell they surface
Pointing out the lines of distaste

Visualize escaping
Sucked in by
Put my body in storage
Just ignore it
Sometimes I get sick of myself

Looking in the mirror at what I'd rather not see clearer
I get quite a distaste
a crowd of a million she's the smell of familiar,
She's the hand that reaches back to pull me over,
And I am, dooh,

You're obvious distaste,
But, it never gets easier.
No, it never gets easier...

Oh, no, no...

A strong distaste for confrontation,
Leaves no room for self-expression.
the worry, the worry in me 
The woman in you is the worry, the worry in me 

Half-man walks with no shadow of life he utters his distaste 
Let's pretend there can exist a different world
Don't show distaste, lock the words inside
Was there thought
Visceral distaste
Fleeting sense of closure
Barren rage leeching onto me
Left behind, all alone to see pieces falling from the sky
Eyes open wide, feels like
When some people see my face, all they see is race
Look at me with distaste then they make haste
Black ace, can't be replaced
When I first hit
absence of light
ungrateful lives
public distaste
passionate hate 
pollution swarms
past ripped and torn
blurring the world
chaos in turn 
letters display your distaste
The world through a monitor, the world through haste

Take me far away

The girl who speaks to you, does not know your
that love you drank now you shake with distaste
All the birds will cry are they doing it for you?
Touch the winter sky well it's just it and you
the worst 
Of any first I could have 
Distaste can replace
What was left to decay 
From the moment I move on 
Welcome to goodbye, goodbye 
And it's all
global distaste

second hand motions

false feelings' trade

surprised & staggered

construction slowly breaks

on and on - in endless search

our souls
beyond the Gallows

Abhorrence at the acts all I distaste
Sickened at society what a waste
To be here on Earth and feel graced
These fucking zealots should
at your hair
Vomit out distaste for the ones you claim to love
Finally, vomit your worst self-provoked path to doom
Into an overflowing vessel, now fills
Sleeping with the door closed
In an empty home

I wish I had a reason for distaste
Keep pushing back and everyone away

I'm all I have
I'm all I have
the misery

Thin is your cheek, and sunken your chest
You're soft as a sponge and you know you need rest
Think of your home with longing and distaste
How long
their fate
It's not a distaste, it's pure hate and it pulsates
And it works its way around my brain anyway, what I'm trying to say
I'll protect you
I see the smiles and your frowns, 
how you feel like everything in your life is nailed to the ground
And I see you speak with the same distaste in

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