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upon the nature of man, destroying his home
Disrupting balance throughout the world, allowing it burn
Scarring the land with their pesticides, invoking
it had found us 

But the "we" couldn't grow when the fear to let go 
Was disrupting the flow of our separate entities 
And as hard as we tried, we had
that they fly ass hoes 
Like remember me? Bitch no I don't!
I suggest you go, you're disrupting flows 
Better turn around like a halfway, east bay
Disrupting my design was never a bother
But I don't think I can do this any longer

Happy hobbies
You don't need me to be happy
You don't need me to win
Eye of the needle the reaper is coming
The brink of extinction the people's destruction
Keep on disrupting the evil republic
Do not hold grudges against
to habitate
Drifting through walls and locked rooms
Disrupting these particles
This place has given me
A new place to gravitate now!
This place has crept
died in that made me sick

Life's just a lava flow
Disrupting a fashion show
Deciding too late it's time to go

Life is a tidal wave you
With nobody left
an avenue for overthinking my next move
So I stand still
Disrupting my senses
See what I want
Dividing my conscience
Ignore what I got
of me
Expeditiously, I wanna be the HBIC
But unfortunately it be disrupting all of my peace

I'll be where the peaches be
Underneath the apple tree
they trust me 
This is how it ends the monster is so disrupting 

Welcome to the winter 
Welcome to the winter 
An ice cold killer with a 
to give two fucks, but i dropped two off
Been asleep, woke up, now it's up to the top
Anxiety has nothing on me
Disrupting my peace, a repeated release
Not all are strong i am upset
Disrupting rappers kids are depressed
This is so trash consistently chasing a dream that
and thees kids are pushin
confetti, it's all from my hair.
Disrupting ecosystems. Hauling the art away.
Point your mouth, asphyxiate. Come along, crisis.
Kerosene, wet my mouth. Holy
the ocean
Disrupting waves causing commotion

She's like the blues in the sky
The hue of her eyes would assume that I'd shy away
But there's no time to waste,
Disrupting all mankind

This rotting misery

The beggars are all gathered
No others rule supreme...
Rotting misery

Clouded realities
forsake the Providence;
The mind-altered herald.
Deathlike silence - cyber scenario turns the ego.

Inbred conveyer - psychedelic vultures disrupting
Divided structure cannot regain
Lack on insight, spiritual strain
Disrupting thoughts strife is forbidden
Ignorant faith divisions will weaken
First is seemed electrical another way to stimulate chaos-on-chaos
Collapsing more everyday next the wires disrupting molecules exploding
Combined in
fool weak and retooled 
Born to society's mold 
Disrupting the order put in place what a dismal disgrace 
Besiege the innocent 
Reduced to ashes
is left to rule...
Vast capacity of imagination
Within focus of concentration
Abstract input disrupting aim
Course of option appears the same
A rapid
anxiety is to the point where it's disrupting 
Your lifestyle then you have a problem)
Of what hurts you most
All the trouble in your soul
The trouble in your soul
Life in haste, what a waste of a life
Disrupting the pace, that fuels your
don't (un)do me so physical
my feelings are critical
disrupting the frequencies
from fractions to decimals

don't treat me so cynical
i'm building
I feel you
Disrupting me
From what I do
Your subtlety 
Are what drive you

One day you'll find
I've gone and lost my mind

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