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feeling defensive
We can get to real change
And that's all we want
Disrupting your white privilege doesn't hurt you
A massive display of power
Every form of energy spited in all directions

Disrupting of magnetic forces 
The dance of plasma plumes
Despicable course
Convenient alibi

The eternal solution
The endless sacrifice
Disrupting the march of human kind
You and your wisdom blow
Mishmash get bread get cash lacag on my mind so i make my move
Pagans nd haters disrupting our peace so i slap it and thunder their endz like zeus
the tyranny 
Of the majority 
Disrupting our autonomy 
Calvinist theocracy 
Our freedom is oppressive
All difference is aggressive
Durkheim can show us 
and water drip from the ceiling
Putting out the candles
And gusts of wind
Disrupting the circles of salt

My last chance to rid this
Place of this paranormal
doctrines you on
Dismissing these demons now move it along
I'm not finna tell you again
Disrupting the camp in the midst of your sin
Corrected you once read
tremors disrupting the balance
The long anticipated collapse
Fingerprints in time erased as though once never there
All but dissolved in the thought
in blood 
I see you talking disrupting the balance
As I run up 

Despair as the sword rips through the skin 
The crowd takes him down to atone for his
And tell me what is it you profit
From seeing me destruct
Disrupting everything in silence
I promise
To always fight you back when you come
lessons to learn
Disrupting my peace

The process in which we are made
To follow directions
To fall to our knees
I finally found the courage to speak
On my
the thicker the sweeter cherry
I'm so high disrupting angels in their sanctuary
I thought I was Peter Pan and had fucked a Tinker fairy
I called the plug, I
message on channel seven (channel seven)
Attention all radios (radios)
Sorry for disrupting your lame talk shows (talk shows)
One more mission to do (to do)
been walkin' in my own
Rockin' to the metronome
You disrupting my zone
Why are you callin' my phone
I wish you'd leave me alone
Always throwing
that they fly ass hoes 
Like remember me? Bitch no I don't!
I suggest you go, you're disrupting flows 
Better turn around like a halfway, east bay
Eye of the needle the reaper is coming
The brink of extinction the people's destruction
Keep on disrupting the evil republic
Do not hold grudges against
to habitate
Drifting through walls and locked rooms
Disrupting these particles
This place has given me
A new place to gravitate now!
This place has crept
died in that made me sick

Life's just a lava flow
Disrupting a fashion show
Deciding too late it's time to go

Life is a tidal wave you
With nobody left
an avenue for overthinking my next move
So I stand still
Disrupting my senses
See what I want
Dividing my conscience
Ignore what I got
the board
The Séance began
Peaking the trip
Hallucinations come into vision
Waiting to cease the flesh of those who will allow me
Disrupting the median
of me
Expeditiously, I wanna be the HBIC
But unfortunately it be disrupting all of my peace

I'll be where the peaches be
Underneath the apple tree
remember disrupting my classes
Now all of my class is paying taxes
Like Max evading taxes I'm avoiding all distractions
Stop the slacking and get to back
the stu and I'm vibing
With a bucket of heat
My audio crimes are disrupting the peace
I ain't coming up in here to be friendly
Lethal lyrics got me feeling
Play your same old rules

Your excuses spill pathetic in your blood
And you're using my energy to keep you going
You're disrupting, don't know who you

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