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got options but they never spot ‘em
So he walk around with that stainless
My youngins be pumping disrupting the function
But that’s just our life man it
I'm gonna start my platform
Disrupting the industry yea you'll see 
Ooo I'm gonna tokenize it
I'm gonna make a security

Security Security oh yea yea
to settle The Hulk
Scarlet emotion lead to inferno
Mother wit corrupt by Gemini clone
Lope, lope, lope, yo
Who the fuck is this man?
You disrupting my plans
over heads disrupting ears
Deafened words of lovers two
Our destiny is now renewed 

Take my hand and come with me
Interchange reality
Awakening of high
Caught in the middle of war
Imagine we didn't move so blind
We wouldn't be building rapport
With others who sit on the sidelines
Disrupting the safety with
that he can't admit
The sea it conjures a memory, distant but
Close to his mind, disrupting and forcing behind
Falling out and rambling on, as useless
Removing my fears now
Disrupting catastrophic thoughts
Crossing out lines from the past
Is now part of the new upgrade
But I forgive you for being
feeling defensive
We can get to real change
And that's all we want
Disrupting your white privilege doesn't hurt you
And tall tuning into the wrath of a monster
But really be chillin and stay out the way
But get in your way like a semi is coming
Disrupting my plays or you
But chill my niggaa there's no need to stress 
Nor reason for you to flex 
Your bullshit piece at me 
Talkin about disrupting peace 
Tryna pull me
You exactly knew
How to take your lies and turn them into something true
I'm the innocent one
The beating of drums disrupting the march
Of time
rempli de money whippin everyday
Après l'heure c'est plus l'heure
Dans le ciel avec toi j'me suis noyé dans tes pleurs
I got 99 problems
You’re disrupting
no more disrupting
So I cut out my relaxing
Temporary corrupting
But that won't be everlasting
Look at me and you can see my heart is so glassy
of absent space
Thread together what will be
It is knowledge I seek
And with sacrifice I shall attain
Infinite sight
Interdimensional infiltration, disrupting
a different light, cause the sun is Now gone
Goodbye to the thangs and tangs that cause all the ruckus, the forces and the beings That be disrupting my focus
a current illusion
A denial disrupting my head
I am chained to these emotions
Selfishness is just a failure to forget
No matter where I go
Could I get rid
Witches sending darts right at me
Angels disrupting they aim
I wasn't called to fit in, no
I was called to make some change
You know motto
No finessing, legitly stepping in this industry
My angel said I'm destined
God been testing before Eleven years of age
Disrupting peace now peace my
Open the eyes of the sheeple

You heard I ascended

I came back like a sequel

guiding the lost

me and these haters aren’t equal

Disrupting the balance
that they fly ass hoes 
Like remember me? Bitch no I don't!
I suggest you go, you're disrupting flows 
Better turn around like a halfway, east bay
Eye of the needle the reaper is coming
The brink of extinction the people's destruction
Keep on disrupting the evil republic
Do not hold grudges against
to habitate
Drifting through walls and locked rooms
Disrupting these particles
This place has given me
A new place to gravitate now!
This place has crept
It spread fast and wide, disrupting life and bringing change
When the fire started I knew it was too late
Because I was the one to light the flame
died in that made me sick

Life's just a lava flow
Disrupting a fashion show
Deciding too late it's time to go

Life is a tidal wave you
With nobody left

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