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we go
Quantum mechanical curves
That messes with reality
Hadron colliders
Pushing forward like Black Mamba
Avoiding the wak drama
The sun
just to have Treacherous daggers go disrupting the pace
The way in which I was raised
Alluded to leaning on pillars
That's similar to my own DNA
and started to brawl
They couldn't fuck with me
S-stuttering, utterly disgusting g
Suffering, punishing
The drugs were seen disrupting me
Drinking and fighting
where racists are allowed to bark
Challenging a conversation for peace and love
Disrupting life through a painful shrug and simple shove

You are my
In shadows tall, disrupting the rhythms of life and love

Subtle romance brewed on the timeless terrain of clutching intent
And nightshades recalled
my mind
There's no room for guessing
Proceed with the system
That dictates the roads left in my life
Roadmaps all obscure
Disrupting the future
For now
I just made a sell i'm moving around
I know you can tell when i come around
Smoking on za its disrupting the weather
Prepare for the rain cause i
I never do, I never do
Selah, Selah, Selah
Is this all there is baby
You been fucking up my energy
Messing with with my head baby
Disrupting all my
My aim is the top like outta space missile
Your hoe wanna deal she can suck on my pickle
Earthquake flow I'm disrupting the Richter
Kill the man
medicine cabinet's just a window without pills, we had no need for pills
"It goes like boom", she said, disrupting nights in our bed,
Worth it all just
never be nothing
Your life is going nowhere fast
Sit down and shut up
You need to stop disrupting the class
You're grounded for the summer if you ain't
died in that made me sick

Life's just a lava flow
Disrupting a fashion show
Deciding too late it's time to go

Life is a tidal wave you
With nobody left
And your hands
And your heart
A rouge strand disrupting my elegant part
I expel it and I feel more awake than ever before
I see you more than anyone anymore
Ooo ooo

Your teacher called me
At my job
Said you're disrupting
Don't care what your friends mama do
You knew the consequence of acting
Something shifting
Inside my mind
Reality revolving
Reality catching me
A brand new feeling
Like I have become hive-mind
Simulation disrupting
remember disrupting my classes
Now all of my class is paying taxes
Like Max evading taxes I'm avoiding all distractions
Stop the slacking and get to back
the stu and I'm vibing
With a bucket of heat
My audio crimes are disrupting the peace
I ain't coming up in here to be friendly
Lethal lyrics got me feeling
nothing to something
Disgust to discussions
Disrupting the function
By Northern and Junction
I put trust In my brothers
If anybody hurt you
We gon cut
human life
We aren't the only plague
COVID-19 take our place

Disrupting orderly life
Create stress overnight
Misinformation runs rife
Ignorant go
I'm your type or something
Hold me over the stakes like red wine reduction
I can see the other side where the shine disrupting
Your rain parade in this
the forest
Sweat flows from your pores, you best know what's in store, Baphomet
Oh, I adore the Hunt, Endorphins grow from disrupting
What may be normal, I
helplessly disrupting my inner peace
My only enemy is our
Time apart
I have a memory of Mario Kart being played with all heart
Viciously trying to get
Trust never sleeps
It's always free
World closing in on me
A cruel uncertainty, yea
Is trapped inside me

Emotional nightmares
Disrupting sleep
to settle The Hulk
Scarlet emotion lead to inferno
Mother wit corrupt by Gemini clone
Lope, lope, lope, yo
Who the fuck is this man?
You disrupting my plans

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