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And maybe she might like me
Or may even dislike me

Cause baby you're a part of me
And baby its just hard to see
That you could flip everyday
But you would
scorpion right in the club I’m like dislike then best ten week later i am like dislike then best friend then one time hit them booth like ex man we cut them
said I know this might
Be something you dislike
Who could have done it like this?
Nobody, nobody

Oh we does it
And we so above it
Are you trying

この世界の dislike 一番最低で 本当に許せない所は
その 本当にこの世界で起きてる最低な出来事を表現させない 

いつかこのままじゃ 掴めずとも 伸ばしてた手も
We all become
What we most dislike
In this picket fence cartel
Tell? There's nothing left to tell

What have we become
Cycle all over again
a damn thing
That's my word to my moms
I never heard not one of your songs, fuck out of here
And I don't dislike you
I dislike the dude who said
is something
awkward about them
There is something lacking
in balance about them
It seems they
dislike a quiet life
They got something on their mind
And I know it's time to leave
They gave their lives to me
I made songs about
how much I dislike that place

Looking back, touched by sweet sadness
flame the spice 
I'm on point precise 
You so foul a strike 
You so foul dislike 
I'm so different like 
Bad hoes I'm they type 
They come late
flame the spice 
I'm on point precise 
You so foul a strike 
You so foul dislike 
I'm so different like 
Bad hoes I'm they type 
They come late
the book
Surely just been making these boss moves 
If you dislike you a damn fool
I'm loving the money the revenue
Chill on the drive & not the avenue 
You can't live happily ever after
If you dislike something about the person
You feel me shun
There's no happily ever after
If problems spur
nobody wanna listen to me, what did I miss?
It ain't really me, its what I got is what they dislike
Hate on me for whatever you want
Hate on me for
Como lo hacíamo' en la high
Mami todo el tiempo tu dislike 
Sabes que estoy puesto para ti oh right 
Ready estoy sonando en todos lados
Tengo un
(We can fucking tell)

Why don't you fuck off? Go to dominoes or somethin?
I dislike you like I dislike Vladimir Putin

Like actually fuck you. I
Rain drops Fallin down the windowsill
Representin all the feelings that ill never feel
But I relate, I never hate
But I dislike everything I've ever
they'd say they'd treat you right
There ain't nothing bout a french fry anyone can dislike
They're crispy and they're tasty and they make you feel good
All the things you would have said and done
If you didn't dislike everyone
Go surfing in Malibu, you'd catch a wave or two
Now as the ground starts
Will someone heal my broken lips
While at it tape a broken wrist
Dislike all medicines
And now the horror follows
Mission abort for now just now
esta esperando my shorty
Siempre me dice my loving para que me ponga horny

Seguro me viste en spotify seguro que tu le diste dislike
Seguro que lo vamos
Don't know why they had to dislike me
But I didn't let that get to me
Don't know why they had to be so mean
Don't know why they were so rude to me
But I
vilambande mone
Njan nallavana
Papangalo  kuminjalle  mone
Manashaanthikku prarthikente Mone
Dislike Adikku

Chankente chembarathi
Chankente chembarathi
the shit
This is more than a reason to build a cemetery
Been putting bodies in beaches even the sand dislike me
I mean I'm cold as the beaches in early
when the journey start dem been dey dislike
Ah swear i know say dem go dislike
Dem go dey do like say wavyboy no try
Dem go talk say we no try

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