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man made waste discharged
From my cosmic auditorium

I view this crematorium
That is your world at large
My ears hear the wailing of your children
All right, I'm in your face
Hostilities come to war
Outbreak, a rush discharged
Lash out your fuse is lit
Go off, inflict the sick
and there was 'nuff shots whistling
Another week and he was back on his feet
Discharged, ready to get back and hit the street
Moms was still working
to work. God performed a miracle and
The blood began it's count. Soon the graft had taken I
Was on the road home. As I was discharged we prayed
That all
The bellows breath
Fueling the fire of wrath
Spoken in a tongue only embraced by cast out Gods

Thrown from the heavens like discharged light
of Gods

Once reconstructed the swarm will digest
The souls of this imperfection
Sterilizing faith bringer has discharged
This assembly of this
and decided to go to war
And into his soul the images they tore, and he didn't want to kill anyone anymore
He finally decided that he should get discharged
of a heat-haze upon an arid
plain. My ammunition, discharged in vain, is all but spent... and now, as night
unfurls its malign wings once more to enshroud this
Mechanical shutdown due to reactor core meltdown 
And outdated parts collapsed and discharged 
Autopilot on emergency power from 
Random fuel
of light, they reached their destination. They hid in the cases until they were discharged into what was probably a temporary storage. When the chance came

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