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don't know shit, uh-huh
What's your definition of a real MC?
From what you dedicated, ya it must be me
Meth-Tical, a lewd descendant of the loud hip-hop
To a dungeonous temple left by our soul descendants
In a quest for peace, energy and light.
If you were to find this temple, 
Do you have the knowledge to enter
that come out in 2004
We got dimes and dubs of haze
And I can hit you with a gat the size of a sub from subway

I'm a child of the slums, descendant
to gas"

I was created by intelligent design
You are merely a descendant of the immodified
You diss me out of pride
But when you're finished talkin'
temps donc de la vélocité
Dans la vie, dans la ville, le malin et le vil, le descendant des dix plaies du Nil
En uniforme tout comme en civil, avec le
Shall watch our descendants last steps on earth
So, unnoticed we will pass away,
Like a flickering in the perpetual chaos

The time bird rose from
Shall watch our descendants last steps on earth
So, unnoticed we will pass away,
Like a flickering in the perpetual chaos

The time bird rose from
Qu’importe si, en cours de trajet
Certains tomberont à l’eau
On n’aura qu’à dire : « c’est la faute à la météo »
Mais t’es au courant
Ascendant, descendant
Cherche passage
Pour le sage message
Des descendants de Milarepa
L’odeur de chairs noircies
Du toit du monde jusqu’ici
Uh, whip the plane like a rental
You can't even imagine, this pain inside my mental
Understand I'm always glorious
Direct descendant of some
sans un quoi qu'ce soit 
Ell' a dû m'prendr' pour un' fill' de baron
Un' fiIl' d'la descendant' d'ceux qui escroqu'net et pill'nt le peupl' 
Mêm' si tu

Tout le long, le long de l'eau, descendant la rivière
Glissaient les barques de canotiers
Tout le long, le long de l'eau en mille
all i know. Afraid of make amends. 
The gathering. The Iron trees.. 

Stranded by descendants. 
All my effort won't be remembered ? 
No purpose, think
meanings will blow away
Generated descendant, hiding inside you independent
Irritating sentences, genes, to all of my living senses

mangé sa volée tous ses descendants sont hideux
Lui tout c'qu'y a connu c'est un pour tous mais tous contre un
C'est l'ancêtre du zéro!

J'me fais plus
scriptures for the culture to quote
Open ended, carve throats to make pendants
Shorty my descendant been down since Krit went independent
Multi, we will never
The prophet cannot tell
No pleading can deliver
Open your eyes open hell

Turn back now under pressure
The bleeding hasn't saved
The reaper needs
People prayed to many gods but there was only one
Abram heard and went where he was told
Count the stars and count the sands, descendants you will
Now we are descendants of your bloodline Adam
After she ate the fruit she came and gave it to you
Now eyes open
What did you do
Something is wrong
light, no shining love
No glare of hope, no tranquil dove
And death will definitely dine with its descendants

Nothing excuses quite like the mind vacant
we hated what you pursue

You think it's still all about you
And you'll leave us all in chains
So you could have your Porsche
While your descendants
something to see
Descendant of a king you other rappers peasants to me
My flow transcendent sixth sense it be calling me
We interdependent it seem to consume
The Lord is salvation and I am his son
The descendant of man when your time is done
No more room mistakes or floor for the groundless
This is
bière su’l bord du ch’min
Pour être sûr de pas en manquer en descendant

Muet comme une tombe
Y aimait pas bin bin l’monde

On dira c’qu’on voudra
On dira

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