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to say massa
You better believe that I'm an Asiatic descendant
And I know what's been amended and intended
So let's fulfill and get real, and try
we get high to a rhythm with spiritual appeal
Expressions of freedom from the descendants of slaves
God gives us the strength for new horizons we
have sung
The spoils drift away as water fills our lungs.

But we have risen as specters of the sea
To claim descendants of this treachery.
But we have
Non living matter gave life million years ago
Descendant of nothingness , i'll die to achieve my goals
Timeless questions pending distort my
the wits are falling apart
the step between your life and death
this is a call to arms
this is is what the descendants are

And I will not bow for the crown
As the non-composite soul takes refuge

Descendants to be resurrected from our remains
As the chaos continues
Atom by atom the great disordered march

Ubiquitous being
noire, la chatte d'Hermione Granger
Peur de qui? On craint pas les hommes, si j'te coupe, tu saignes
Que tu sois descendant d'Adam ou descendant du singe
The seventh had seven descendants
The seventh was then divided into three
They were given their first symbols
They bore faces of animals
A Snake,
take to shake the land for everyone to hear this?

I can't bear this, born of pages torn from ancient prayer lists
Descendant of the womb, the lotus
there's only you and me red stars descendant those rockets climbing to the sky i check my watch and see the time is quickly slipping by we always understood
Humanity what have you ever done for me?
Denounced and cursed since my birth for I am not like thee
A proud descendant of the ancient seed
Guardian of all that is known
Your reign has been overthrown

Here you are
Descendant of the fallen star
Dragon iconography

The circle is broken
The bridges
Here in the season of the dead,
Sanity hangs by a thread.
We're descendants of the dark,
Give us back our one true love.
Manifest all hallows eve,
We are the inheritors; the evidence of heaven
Descendants of a legacy gone but not forgotten
We are the inheritors of the grand persuasion
So far
Don't look back tell me
Is it where you belong
I will wait yes I will wait
Don't look back

We're the last descendants
In the line
call them.
Descendants of Judas - Yes sah yes.
Them prefer Bara6us
So die they must all's not lost
(2) Die they must all's not lost
With, without
Monsieur John?
As direct descendants we figure independence

Ain't only in Missouri and so if we had our druthers
We'd rather have our druthers than
Here we come yo, here we come

I'm just a brotherman, descendant of the motherland
I fuck with blackberries and dimes and butter tens
Good on my
themselves superior to

Our colour, yes sah
Descendants of Naiman the Leper
Ask Elisha
Offsprings of Naiman the Leper

Ask Elisha
If a lie, ask Elisha,
the pen
Descendant from kings, we at it again
Just hand me the crown, I'm active again
Everything that it seems, hear my passion again
Was never my dream,
en Ethiopie est une sombre idole
Haïlé Sélassié négus roi des rois
Descendant de Moïse à ce qu'en croient
Certains quant à moi je les crois sur parole
that lives are at stake
Yours and mine and our descendants in time.
There's so much to gain, so much to lose
Everyone of us has to choose.

the Dude that knowledge is a food
To nourish, so to conclude
This from an Asiatic descendant, Big Daddy is shocked
Yo Q, we back on the block

[ all ]
Tokyo to back to San Luis Obispo 
Data, descendants of Amadeus 
Transmitted through your cd's, tapes and record players 
We the crusaders,

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