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you started to see the green
No more government cheese 
You finally reached your dreams
New drip new whip
Depreciating as we breathe 
You can use
faltered for very long

To allow him to sell you, in depreciating value
The cheapest truth that we can afford

So let the intricate smiles begin
Only fatal
But if you try trick nature you'll catch HIV

Trouble a' start with your health depreciating
Blood pressure rising till you get weak
All party people me
on the floor like the 5 starters
50 in the kill switch thats a filled tank
The value start depreciating when the seal break
All this love that I'm showing how
You come to me with your bleeding heart
And a dream juxtaposed against your fear, and self-loathing
Self-hating, your self-depreciating

Strip me
on the precipice of ending this mind's mess
Self depreciating thoughts, I couldn't mind less
See,I'll just level up my self worth through
learning to love myself,so
family bought the stock in me
All these problems the depreciating part of me

I promised ma I'd put the bottle down
Said one more sip and then I'll pour it
There's so depreciating
Lately I've been up elevating
Above the law yeah I've been Advocating
Got a range more than Aberdare
Pussy wet and fertile
feel my life depreciating
i know their teachings are riddled with lies, distortions, shit!
it kills me knowing the masses are so brainwashed by it-
(You don't know) 
Negative creep 
Approval seeking 
False nobility pedestal 
(You don't know)  
Self depreciating narcissist 
Don't have a clue what love
Your education - incapacitating, depreciating
When was the last time you and I spent some time investigating
Obliteration, disseminating -
I'm filling syllables with curse words, because I am an amateur
Everybody likes, self-depreciating, rap

I'm gonna stop, like I got nothing, I'm, I'm
the flow
show those motherfuckers what you know!

i feel like i am suffocating
i feel my life depreciating
i knowtheir teachings are riddled with lies,
Wishing to be dead when hope is gone
Depreciating life when the days are looking bad

Sick of being alive when everyone is vain
Lost your hopes
seem to like myself
When I hold a heavy heart
Self-righteous, self-loathing
You're a self-depreciating cynic 
There's something wrong
I just can't put my
probably is
Volley with the quintessential digital ager
I'm offended by everything
My opinions come in a manger, oh boy
Depreciating since they drove me
Debating money depreciating manipulating to hold us down
But nobody can stop us now

So if you want make e good oh
Put your hands up
You wanna make a move oh
relation we forge
With depreciating nobility
We sate our desires as we gorge
On life

There was a time
When all was right with the world
A sparkle still in
can't loose concentration I got
Tired of waiting had to get my own
Bag on the grind like I'm skating
Can't be depreciating gotta get
All this paper you
the extra 4's
Commas are appreciated
You depreciating
I ain't sipping nothing except water, got me nauseated
I ain't talking to these other rappers
i have a crate it's filled with bricks
and pictures of our past
depreciating values and i'm losing interest fast
all the hungry mouths i seen could
another breath.

Cold Lord impacts the loss,
bound with resulting relection, deep and depreciating.

Was I mindful...
Have I suffered...
Am I of warmth...
the sun, who are the lucky ones?
Under the sun
I feel's like it's all depreciating
But we're fading as one
Under the sun, who are the lucky ones?
impacting all those to come 

A step backwards, with nuclear arms
We're wild with greed 
Scarred by political charm 
Depreciating with excess force

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