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planet is an immigrant,
to deport it?s an offense
It's an upstanding member of the solar system
Apply the laws of Earth and make it a victim
No, I don't own a Corgi
Had a hamster, it died ?cause I ignored it
Go on then, go on report me!
I'm English, try and deport me!

Love me or hate me,
quarters of y'all are water
I straight deport ya
Then orchestrate your torture with roots of culture
The pill brimmage to the line of scrimmage up against
don?t pay tax tax
EMA yes I?m claiming that that
Police, I try to avoid them
They catch me hustling, they say deport them

Hustle hustle
over borders
Ain't no ruler for restriction
Ain't no police to deport us
Ain't no summons for our sons
Ain't no dealings for our daughters
how it works, I've got these faces 
You give them names and I won't deport you 
Make sure you face my tape recorder 

Make no mistake, this fountain pen
plug foreign so they had to deport him
He kept it silent so I had to reward him

These hoes thirsty, need water
Wrist game on water
Neck piece
kids in Dior (kids), I put my momma on resorts (momma)
We catch the bricks and deport 'em
Missing the plug, he got deported (woo)
I'm on the block for
go to jail
If you go to jail, then who will pay the bail?
Deport you back to France on a ship with a sail
Escargot, Lucien, you eat snails
(Hey yo
The list goes on
Deport the gulf of Spain
Maine, San Juan, Guam, or San Luis Obispo


I don't know dog
Maybe it's just me
But I
Paper pussy power, paint in chronologically order
Coola got locked, product was getting shorter
We knew he do some time and then the cops would deport
the real bottom, I'm a star (I'm a star)
Nigga, I put red bottoms on my broads (On all my broads)
Donald Trump might fuck around, deport my cars
report niggas
The way they do when immigration trt to deport niggas
Ray Benzino, Bus-a-Bus and M.O.P.
Just for the record - none of you niggas can fuck
what you get for doubtin' X-Raided
Deport your corpse in where the cops'll never bother to look
Rigormortis decompose you, served ya, bored, and now it's
quarters of y'all are water
I straight deport ya
Then orchestrate your torture with roots of culture
The pill brimmage to the line of scrimmage up against
deformed monstrosity
Do not have the audacity to fuck with this atrocity
Reform, deform, creeper in a tree fort
Deport, back into my country, read
a fuckin' big mac
And everytime she place her order, I beat er then deport er
I get heads and tails like both sides of the quarter
Shawty bad, she
you keep lyin', that's why your hair fallin' out
Donald Trump, call him out, KKK supporter
His favorite phrase, "Deport 'em," how the fuck y'all
The rattler can't deport on my speed of thought
Then escape New York in East London or import

Stronger currents than my brains runnin' rapid
news, fuck a reporter
Niggas ain't even safe, they wanna deport us
A ride to keep us boxed in on the street corners
If you gon' stop and frisk a nigga,
The community where I was raised
Livin my days
Wishin I could be the mayor i'd deport you fools
And send you back to squareland cause over here
throw an extra dub on the order
Used to pick up them 'bos at the border, now my new bitch foreign deport her
I been up for two weeks, I can't sleep, I
Chingo Bling]
"They Can't Deport Us All," chico
I got into they ice, to get into they foil, punto

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