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won't believe in the lies 
Until they open their eyes

They friendly
Those demons
Everything that you believe you are
There's nothing
blood, revert and demolish. Everyone used to think humanity was you, slowly and surely you're more machine than men. Gears and cogs clog your system.
ain't got no choppers
I'm ridin' with some killers, we all 'bout violence, demolish
You got beef like you wanna see this bitch squirt with extended mags
Who dwell hopeless
Confession of words, life or death is heard
Not demanding any believe, consequence received
Demolish, dark imagination
Where's your God when you need him most
Exorcise the Holy Ghost
Demolish the altar of God
Chaos guts an ordered earth
Ravage the saintly clowns
crystal clear?
Sometimes it seems like time stands still Demolish myself at
Free will,Can you watch me burn As the sun goes down and
My life is
of knowledge
I demolish, abolish, so don't try to follow
I look into your body in the dark and I could tell you that you're hollow
You're sleepwalkin, blind
Swing your head into motion
Raise your arms to the sky
Watch the clouds roll on by
Enemies of wasted time

Demolish everything
Lose yourself
Its still the rain that shakes the universe.

Some hideous lies in a fairy tale
Demolish every paradise,
Only venties are not for sale
And won't
Rubbing salt in your wounds, I will arise to
Destroy you
Demolish you
Rip up, the foundation of life
Grip you, from below
Grip you, from below
the sickedest rhymes are the wickedest
Beat to the many motherfuckers that can get with this
Peep how I demolish, abuse fools that run up on me
I'm gettin' busy
the off the wall style 

Absolute wild child demolish any juvenile 

Philly representin peep the way that I be rippin 

on the M-I-see spittin rhyme
off into salute champs
Well strategize and open up yo eyes 
And recognize the drama
I promise to see demolish
And any nigga that just ain't follish
off into salute champs
Well strategize and open up yo eyes 
And recognize the drama
I promise to see demolish
And any nigga that just ain't follish
the spot, demolish and pop your top
So whassup?  I don't do shit to mock you dawg
You doin' that by yourself cause you not too hot
Now the fat cats run
the criminology 
And Mr. Pastor, teachin demonology 
Words of dope knowledge, I demolish 
Evil men, with an easy win 
When my thoughts are spaced out, come down
Here we come to demolish the wall. 
We've waited years to witness this fall. 
Today we see the truth among curious lies. 
We've come to seek
That's when it straight shook
Look at the prophecy comin' down in history
Still it ain't no mystery, can't let it repeat
Good's gonna demolish evil
overstand the God and his wealth?
Have you ever seen a person just demolish himself?
All you rat motherfuckers only lie to yourselves
I'mma end it for you
achieve it
Now you must demolish your doubts
If you can fake it 
Then maybe you'll make it 
Before anybody finds out
You don't need a degree 
You can
try" and demolish you by accident
I treat every studio like its my last session
Running circles around 'em like I'm athletic
Rappers talking to me,
We bring'em down to earth,
bring'em down to earth
Global Astro Expedition
Team to causin'crazy incision
Who's fakin' the funk?
Demolish all copy-cat
The Dreadatour aka I to the see to the E 
Comes again to demolish the dancefloor style ! 
We're people in the night 
Looking for the light
deny them
I demolish

The labyrinth of lies

I show no mercy
Betrayers are slain
Victorious and proud

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