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In this land we have defended from all things dark and cruel
Now we are defenseless in a land where dragons rule
In this land we have defended from all things dark and cruel
Now we are defenseless in a land where dragons rule
On this land we defended with our lives
You understand
There could be much pleasure
So stand once again to keep her divine
We are survivors
Some get broken
Some get mended
Some can't surrender
They're too well defended
Some get lucky
Some are blessed
And some pretend
This is only a dance!
Trusted with those precious chances
Keeping gaia from the fear of death
Balances must be defended
Since you dared to show your face again
It's been a while since you pretended
You defended
Every damn mistake that you have made
I have seen these things with my very own eyes and defended my battered soul,
I did my time and served my country well
In the freedom I defended I fly beneath the North Star
And I just don't know a better way to feel
Ever since we all got blended
There's no more reason to fuss and fight
Dogmas that we once defended
No longer seem worthwhile
Ever since the world ended
I face the future
With a smile
Now we're refusing to take it
The worst evil the world has saw
Were crimes defended by the "law"
Deny our rights and we'll break it
You got to break the chains that hold you down
Some weapons shipments, some private wars
In the future democracy will be defended
Behind closed doors
And as the herd came on him
His weapon quickly drew
He was bound to die defended
As all brave cowboys do
I met you on a Tuesday or maybe was it Wednesday? 
You befriended me, defended me,
Shortly after you offended (affected) me
Holding some other girl tight
With your hands on her thighs
Defended you against friends who knew
That you were doing wrong
This is one boy, you have missed.
You knew if you could win me over,
I would always see your side;
Any argument against you,
I'd never let it ride.
I defended with devotion;
I believed what you had said,
But you dealt without emotion;
Something happened in your head.
Crimes cold defended, get caught, do the sin
Spoken to, by the white winged crow in my sleeping ear,
Spoken to, the promise of a reckoning day draws near,
Spoken for, defended to the death at Wounded Knee,
Spoken for, every acre by acre from sea to sea.
With lines in the sand no one else could see,
Awakened, by flame in the night, to reality.
In your defenseless, winning smile.
What do you hope to win?
And bliss face down, defended.
Well, now stoned Demon John
There's no town the boy cannot belong
Close to you in a scene that I have always haunted
Time and time again we defended a right to cling to
Our love-shy goodbyes, for broken hearts could cry
In the ghetto trenches the stench is
Tremendous and poverty, our property is defended by shotguns
Alarm, pit bulls and barbed wire fences
If you're not armed you're in harm's way
Higher than reason
There's nowhere
My soul is defended by the will to stay alive
For some unknown reason
The rust in your voice, that's the dust and the rain
It's the choices defended again, and again, and again
It's the life that you've led
It's the friends come and gone
People they laugh when they hear you're from my town
They say it's a sour and used up all place
I defended its honor, shrugged off the put downs
You know that you're poor, from Tacoma
And I really tried my best to get across to her
But nothing she would say could be defended

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