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than just sparrin
For y'all niggaz to up and just fuck with Brad Jordan
Fuck you warden, and every motherfucker who defended
You safe from talkin shit
And suck dick all day motherfuckin' long, bitch
Thanks to all my followers that always defended me
Y'all like my god brothers and god sisters
a dusty-ass hat to represent the same views as white supremacy, man 
We expect better from you
All them times you sounded crazy, we defended you, homie
defended by Buchan, there's Kenny Dalglish in there. Oh, what a goal! Oh, yes! That does it!
They'll be singing up there in Aberdeen and Dundee
criminals and dons are relentless
Murders are common and senseless
In the ghetto trenches the stench is
Tremendous and poverty, our property is defended by
all hated him,
OJ was named innocent, he got no sentence, he's still alive,
It's very ironic that the lawyer that defended him had to die,
Well, now my
The less we know...the more they fabricate...the easier it is to sell souls 
An addictive 24 hour candle light vigil in TVs. 
Freedom WILL be defended
in this game is as big as us
If it is, you can tell 'em, we don't give a fuck

I gotta, hit 'em hard like Ronnie Lott
Defended by Johnny Coch'
to pursue there will be no choice but to destroy you
Warning: mothership reporting
This love will be defended at all costs, do not fuck with it

All black
fine at the Desk Sergeant
Say you're sorry, then - take your property
I be sho' defended, flow splendid, no co-defendant
While you niggas hold trial
befriending them
When the boy first met you
You defended them
Now when I talk down
You agree with me
Now Them other guys
Just a bad memory
Yea you with
all he wanted was protection
There was other black men that made the same connection
Benjamin Davis defended Herndon as a savior
Then Paul Robeson;
of hope is there in that strait-jacket?

The authority of those who oppress us
Is supported, maintained and defended
By those who are themselves

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