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will be defended
It will rise up again
Refreshed and directed

My defense is this song
Reflecting so strong that it burns for lives
And then they
goes by slow in Tacoma

People they laugh when they hear you're from my town
They say it's a sour and used up all place
I defended its honor, shrugged
and this is what we get?

There was a time when we were family
We looked after you, and you looked after we
We flew your flag and defended it
But like
defended your honor
And then packed it in and picked it up
And all you can do is watch me go

From the Eastern seaboard, the landlocked Midwest
The only one who took you in
The only one who held your hand
Defended you against the others
Had your back on everything
Never let you down
defended by the "law"
Deny our rights and we'll break it
You got to break the chains that hold you down
Crush the tyrants to the ground
Freedom cannot be
you know you have said this to me before
And when I defended you, you still walked right out the door

I'm not coming back
To your arms now
I'm not
All the walls I defended
I can almost smell the clovered hills
In the shadows there we linger still
But I can't replace the time
I knew you well
And lets see what you're not
And whatever else you pretend
You've defended my intentions
Long enough

So here I am again
In the middle of the end
The choice
defended by the ones that should have ended it

Angels of death in a white coat so serene
Devising ways of dying, so obscene, so obscene
And Washington was
The Constitution and defended it well
And in the face of ignorance and resistance
I wrote financial systems into existence
And when my prayers to God were met
out on
So lets see what you got 
And lets see what you're not
And whatever else you pretend
You've defended my intentions 
Long enough

So here I
Spoken to, the promise of a reckoning day draws near,
Spoken for, defended to the death at Wounded Knee,
Spoken for, every acre by acre from sea to sea.

Higher than reason
There's nowhere
My soul is defended by the will to stay alive
For some unknown reason 

I can't keep that will for long
the lines and the scars are what I love about you.

The rust in your voice, that's the dust and the rain
It's the choices defended again, and again,
It's been a long time 
Since you dared to show your face again
It's been a while since you pretended
You defended
Every damn mistake that you
I'm so glad that I found a girl like you.

Now, I have taken some falls from grace,
Made your eyes turn from my face.
I defended my ground when I
defended you need not hear the death =
Cries we bring them to a halt, encapsulation is highly recommended, in =
Brocade or wood grain or neoclassical.
words once mine - hang on, hang on
And yet they don't belong
Mmm. They don't belong
Now we get old and you've defended
All the world as it likes to be
the same
Dependent never border one world order it away
Create a way the mind will have to
Find a way in guarding reason alibis

It seems a way defended
With your hands on her thighs
Defended you against friends who knew
That you were doing wrong
That you were getting your swerve on, how'd you carry
And hope our moves will be defended

Across their throats
The blade does wander
They die without a sound

Who'd have thought we'd meet
As bones
to Hell I'm living to tell
'Bout how I defended my Rome
Hail the Caesar, Kingdom Come

I'm here to march 'gainst the force of evil
Here to die in
Say farewell, g'night, Sonny-Jim,
In your defenseless, winning smile.
What do you hope to win?
And bliss face down, defended.
Well, now stoned

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