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Do not underestimate the masses
However brainwashed we will see past this
Lies deemed as truth to infect our youth
What are they learning and where is
a mothafuckin flutist
Turn yo back on the gang then we pull a fuckin Brutus
Nigga gon bet his whole life on some hubris
You've been deemed Ron Stoppable you
they label me a heathen and deemed me rebellious
They control with propaganda
We must understand that
Know that the system is a snake
The biggest
Brittle edges trimmed with touch of tempered steel
Practiced eye has deemed it worthy of the wall
Flashing trowel spreads a furrowed mortar bed
I'm a walking visual
Not despicable
More mythical
Set out on this mission
Most deemed the vision fanciful
If you fit that mold
Then to me you are
they will understand
That I've been touring round the world
Just deemed to lead a one man band

I don't think I'd like to live a million years
It's too
MC Nice
Helpfulness Gang
Let me talk to y'all

So first let me set the scene
We got three MC beasts, deemed pristine, it's the dream team
disagreed, automatically you deemed me dismissive
Is it selfish to expect you to respect my wishes?
Only Providence knows how I yearn kisses
Is your daddy
Light has intensified
Deemed impure and filled with pride
That okay night has always suited best
All these fucking pheromones
Overloading my desires
lost into your eyes
Yeah I'm lost into my dream
Ya I'm lost and deemed
Yeah I'm glad I'm in your team
Yeah I'm glad you keep sending memes
Yeah you stuck
deemed as passive in a crunch
I need that magic in the clutch
I need that Cassius with the punch
I need that newness wrapped in plastic
It's hazardous if
spilling the beans
"Shocked, I thought my heart was deemed obsolete"

She's hardly the same
She's hardly the same
Her lips are on their own
She's gone on her
which the father hath placed within
Let us taste the wine of the divine which he doth deemed the blood of life
Darkness consumes us all as we
Give into
Dragged to the edge of the pit
One shot to the back of the head
To those who are deemed unfit
For our utopia of Sunshine and rainbows
A hand crafted
They go a day or two invisible
From eyes that once deemed them
Most beautiful
Oh I am ashamed
That it must take an effort
Simply to just remember
I note
Borderline psychosis, with further prognosis they deemed that he was chosen
Colder bars than frozen
These wounds I leave them open
That loud I'm
Light the cannabis, eating up vocabs
Call me a cannibal
I accomplished what they deemed impossible
But I showed you, now my prosperity?
Aye bae, get
and ignorant, supreme pressure for
Your eardrums something deemed fresher, starting my shit
Don't care what your feelings express, steady indifference
will see we've been sincere

When this life gets sporadic, have faith we're still finding our roles
And if doubt's deemed emphatic, impeach this derelict
deemed useless
Pissing upon witness ashes

Jehovah is slain
Bethel falls to baphomet
The watchtower burns
Lighting the way

As the torture stake is raised
and neighbouring planets
Nesting in negatives pollinating pulses
A red room where the reading of me is deemed repulsive
Feels like a casket's where I lived
I've never had my deeds stamped out, I've never had to scream and shout
I've never struggled with a debt, I've never been deemed as inept
I've never
to our defeat
Belittled by the order, we are deemed to be unfit
No pass at hand and every thought is banned by our plastic stance
We are indifferent
We are
(Meaningless confusion)
I'll take a brand new step into
What's deemed unknown
And I shall discover
Utopia on my own
And you could die, die, die
In front of me

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