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an erasure

Through stanzas I've found expression of pain
To be the closest I've came
To personal fulfillment
Self-prognosis deemed healthy in moderation
and overdrawn
Would I dare to be different?
If so, how would I begin
If it seemed my author long ago deemed brevity a sin?
Perhaps, if the third verse gets
We grow and we get little nasty powers
And our petals wash out in the rain
No one looked upon the cactus
In the search for guidance he was deemed
been has died
Leave the dead to bury their own
You've been deemed worthy by grace alone
uhh uhh uhh
So come thru 
Just come thru 
Just come thru 

Let me open the wine
Will be drinking all night
Got the candles lit
Lights deemed down
Cars, where'd you find this? 'Gars filled with premium
Skunk smoke until I'm deemed your mother f****** highness

Don't **** with my flow then
Twenty Three but I'm seventeen
Hottest thing rocking on the block is what I've jus been deemed 
Not wearing an expensive fit or new supreme 
Only got my
that you deemed fit
But it always turns to poison
Dramatic fools, what did you think would happen

Four arrows, out of the shadows
Like claws tearing out
enough, who was normal, deemed depressive signs

Aggression not hard to find
The flip of the switch is a bipolar, electromagnetic wires untie
Hard to sit
And then let all of mine through the back of it
Ride with my team
Ride thru the chi with my ting
Let her see the life that we deemed
Pristine back in our
Survival of the human race is highly unlikely
Trust not your neighbor
Not your friends
Not your family
No individual is deemed safe
This is the ends
matter, trans dimensional zerø matter
The greatest discovery of all time
Deemed precious by the sharpest minds
Whoa oh matter, trans dimensional zerø matter
and a wife that I deemed worthy
I promise myself
Life would be easy at this point
I ain't struggling no more cuz I'm getting my coin
And everything I do in
deemed us unworthy
You damned us to dust (Damned us to dust)
You decided to end this
Before our time had come
Pain substituted all we had shared
You ain’t deeming me all this shit I deemed myself 'cause of my demons
You taught me just 'cause I gain definition, don’t give me meaning
Fuck the gym,
Where the lies deemed as the truth
Honesty lost

Where are You, Lord?
I couldn't hold my own in this fight
Yearning You would come show Your might
For refueling and general restocking
She knew it was her chance to escape
Earth was deemed unsuitable for the invasions anymore
Since the humans were
with no hesitation 
Love at first sight, no overnight sensation
Only God has deemed I am your queen
Volumized by you showing me

I know you love me baby
check it I got the 360 degrees
Ya the panoramic view
I seen both sides
I deemed it right
I seen the divide around you
Haters multiplied
But I’ll abide by
Some part of me that I had deemed too vulnerable to emphasize
Tucked away in order to prevent getting hurt again
I resent never letting in anyone
Darkness will be preferred to light
And death will be thought more profitable than life
No one will raise his eyes to heaven
The pious will be deemed
the Cosmos will once more be deemed worthy of worship and wondering Reverence
And God, the maker and maintainer of the mighty fabric, will be adored by the men
deemed them
So perfectly cursed
So perfectly confused
But they are blessed to see every shade of blue in your shirts
So, I'm sticking with the kids
at night
And dollar companies going to South Devon chilli farm

Items published by the emergency lumberjack
Deemed to be really pointless
And the first one

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